Convertible Car Seats for Baby and Toddlers – Maxi Cosi Pria™ 70 Review

Our favorite convertable car seats are made by Maxi-Cosi, they make the safest car seats for babies and toddlers. We love the line of convertible car seats.

I was recently in the market for a convertible car seat for Baby Girl. At about 9 months, she was already too big for her infant seat, she was busting at the seams! I am already on seat number 3 with MJ and I do not want to buy a larger rear-facing seat that she can use now and have her grow out of that in a year when it’s time for her to sit in a big girl forward facing seat. Too much to think about!

Thank goodness for the Maxi Cosi Pria™ Convertible Car Seat! This car seat in newer on the market and is designed to adjust to and comfortably fit your child at any size. Not only is this baby loaded with features, it lasts your child from infancy through late toddlerhood! Yup, I’m talking 4 – 70 lbs, so you can use this as an infant car seat when bringing baby home from the hospital all the way until you are dropping her off at Kindergarten and beyond!

In addition to it’s sleek design, the Pria™ 70 has 3 size-level settings with 11 harness heights and 3 buckle positions (newest version – Maxi-Cosi Pria 85). They are all totally adjustable based upon the size of your child:

Removable TinyFit™ System for infants

4 – 22 lbs:  It comes equipped with the TinyFit™ System, a cosy, air protected insert that is made to perfectly fit our tiny little treasures with the utmost care and security. The 5-point harness and buckle slots can be adjusted to a very low height and the recline level at this stage is perfect for the rear-facing infant. The TinyFit™ System can be used as long as your child’s head sits below the top of it. There are also removable comfort inserts that can be used for extra cushion.

22 – 40 lbs: At this stage, you can remove the TinyFit™ System to comfortably fit your toddler (lift the head rest to remove). We had to do this right away, Baby Girl is simply too big for it (I am estimating that she’s about 25 lbs). The beauty about this is that you can choose to keep the seat rear-facing, which is an important safety measure for small children. You do have the option to turn the seat forward if you’d like.

40 – 70 lbs: When your child is ready, turn the Pria™ 70 around and sit it upright for a comfortable forward-facing ride! The 5-point harness is still in effect, it can be easily adjusted as your child grows!

Maxi Cosi’s Pria™ 70 has been designed with plenty of safety features to protect your child at all size levels.  It’s construction is quite solid and includes the FlexTech™ advanced system for multi-directional crash energy management. The special Air Protect® Side Impact Technology supports give protection both around the head and the torso. In any case of any impact, the Air Protect® cushion releases a small amount of air that reduces the force, sort of like an air bag would. As your child grows, the air supports move right along with the the seat and stay at the head level.


The one-click LATCH system makes it easy to install in the car, or you can use the regular adult seat belt if you prefer. It is super simple to buckle and release the 5-point harness system and the harness height can easily be adjusted with one hand to fit your child’s shoulder level.

Also, you can take advantage of 3 different recline levels based upon the rear-facing or forward-facing of the seat. Level 1 is the most upright and is for forward facing only, level 2 is the middle recline level and can be used either way, and level 3 is the deepest recline level that is for rear-facing only and suitable for the infant stages. Right now, I have Baby Girl at the middle level, not too high, not to low 🙂


Easily installed, rear-facing

All in all, I am really a fan of the Maxi Cosi Pria™ Convertible Car Seats. It is our favorite convertible car seat that I have come across, the features are pretty much undeniable. The only issue I have with this car seat is that it is quite heavy, a whopping 22 lbs. Actually, ‘sturdy’ is a better word for it, which is a good thing. If you are moving it from car to car a lot, it could be a problem. Mine is staying put! Also, if you decide to use this seat during the infant stages, you will need something to transfer baby into once you are ready to get out of the car since it’s not like a carrier. Many people opt to use stroller bassinets anyway, so this may be perfect for your situation.

Visit Maxi Cosi online for more information on the Pria™ 70 and other products available, as well as their Twitter and Facebook accounts for news and promotions.

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Disclosure: Although I was provided with the Pria 70 for review by Maxi Cosi, all opinions are my own. Thanks for allowing me to post an honest review, I did not receive and monetary compensation.

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