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Fun With Felt | How to Make an Easy Homemade Felt Poster Board {Tutorial}

Baby Girl is getting older, busier, and much smarter, so I really want to do as many creative educational activities as I can with her until she starts going to school. She has officially approached toddlerhood, so I felt (pun totally intended) the need to make her a few fun felt crafts and decided upon a DIY Felt Board!

Felt is cheap, fuzzy, colorful and fun. You can create felt board stories, cut out different shapes, letters, numbers, animals, foods, etc. The possibilities are endless!

How to Make an Easy Homemade Felt Poster Board

This felt, or flannel board is perfect for craft-challenged parents who are not super artsy. I get most of my creative ideas from others and I rarely have something super great that I thought up on my own, so this easy felt material project was right up my alley. With that being said, if you suck at crafting and do-it-yourself types of projects, this DIY felt board is for you!


First thing you have to do is buy felt. Yes, you can buy felt sheets online, or run on over to your local craft store and pick some up. I went to Michael’s and found everything I needed.

What You’ll Need:

  • A 1/4 inch thick poster board in your desired size
  • 1 large craft felt sheet, big enough to cover your entire board (mine was 36×36)
  • 9×12 Felt Sheets, various colors
  • Felt Patterns or random shapes to trace (or buy pre-cut felt shapes)
  • Stapler
  • Scissors


To create the base of your felt board, grab the poster board and large piece of felt. Lay the felt down first, then position the board evenly on top of it so that there is about an extra inch or two of felt around each side. Cut off any excess felt and set aside.



Fold each edge of the excess felt over the back of the poster board. Open up your stapler wide and staple across each side, about an inch apart, to secure the felt to the board. Be sure you pull the felt fabric nice and tight to avoid looseness on the front. Do not staple as you would normally staple a stack of paper, the staple might go through to the front and can poke little fingers.



Once you have stapled around all four sides, cut off any excess felt on each of the corners and staple to secure where necessary.



Now turn the board over. There you have it, the base of your felt board! It’s time to cut some felt shapes, so set the board aside, whip out your colored felt sheets and scissors and get started. We traced random stuff that we found around the house to get the shapes we wanted. MJ found a star cookie cutter, a Chuck E Cheese coin cup for a circle, a box of baking soda for a rectangle, and even an oval hot cocoa container that was in the back of the pantry. Trace your preferred shapes, numbers, felt letters, etc onto the colored felt pieces and cut them out.



MJ, my handy dandy helper. He chose to trace the cup to make a circle.




You’ll never guess which circle is MJ’s…



Once we traced and cut all of the shapes we needed, we scattered them on the board. If you don’t want to cut your own felt shapes, you can purchase pre-cut felt shapes here.



Finished! You can use the board as is on the floor or lean up against a wall. If you had extra felt left from the first step, you can use it to make a little hanger like I did. I cut a sturdy strip off of the long end and stapled it to the back of the board on the top of each side. There’s a little nail in the wall, so we hung it there. We had such a good time making this felt board, plus it can help us teach Baby Girl different shapes and colors. We’re cutting out some numbers next!



Find felt fabric and supplies on Amazon. They have large and small sizes, assorted felt color packs, and even felt markers and sewing patterns!


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