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STRANGE MAGIC is a Must-See Animated Family Film! #StrangeMagicEvent

Strange Magic Movie, in theater January 23


Who’s ready for a little STRANGE MAGIC?!


Get your popcorn ready and take the whole family to the movies this weekend to see this beautiful, animated and unusual love story, told through music. From the mind of George Lucas, two world’s collide and prove to create some STRANGE MAGIC, in a tale of a whimsical fairy and a dark villain finding love in the most unlikely, and weirdest place. I got to see the movie last week when I was in San Francisco with Disney, it was so cute and I just know that you’re all going to love it!


Sunny and Dawn, Strange Magic movie


Here’s what I liked about the movie STRANGE MAGIC…


Strange Magic, Marianne and Roland


The animation and characters

The animation in this movie is very interesting, detail is the key here. These fairies, elves, goblins and other creatures are very unique and have life-like features, which is neat considering that they are not found in real life! The fairies seem to be modeled after people, with hair and human features, and the goblins look like amphibians and insects, with wings and feelers. Each character really has their own personality, they did a great job with casting and animating their movements to fit the voices and expressions given!


Strange Magic movie still, Bog King and Dawn, Touchstone Pictures


The story line and message

Two different beings, from two different worlds, come together and end up falling for each other in what is the most interesting combination. Both scorned in the past, they vowed that they’d never fall in love again, but somehow, the two most dissimilar people have the most in common. Pulling from influences such as STRANGE MAGIC tells “the tale of a colorful cast of goblins, elves, fairies and imps, and their hilarious misadventures sparked by the battle over a powerful potion”. I think that the main message here is that love is a universal topic, people will fall in and out of love, it rocks you to the core and it really shows no boundaries. Truthfully, love can be found in the strangest places.


The popular music selection

Strange Magic uses so many popular love songs on the movie soundtrack: I Can’t Help Falling In Love, Say Hey, Wild Thing, Three Little Birds, I Can’t Help Myself (sugar pie, honey bunch) and more classics that has me moving in my seat! George Lucas said that since music is a very big part of his life, it would make sense for him to mix his love for music with his creative love story. The way that they intertwined the music with the story made me feel the moment, sadness, humor and love, and it was perfect!



Follow along with #STRANGEMAGIC, and go see the movie this weekend!





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