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Guess Who’s Begging Me To Go To Cars Land {and Why I Can’t Wait to Take Him}

Ever since I came back with stories and photos of the new Cars Land attraction in Disney California Adventure park, MJ has been begging me to go! He keeps asking to look at the photos again and again, he even took my copy of the Disneyland and California Adventure maps, put them side by side so that the entrances face each other like the do in real life and planned out a full route for our trip!

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to take him until the fall. Our summer schedule is insane! I personally can’t wait to go back, I am a kid at heart and everything Disney is mesmerizing to me. I would be such a selfish mother if I didn’t share the bliss with my family. Here’s what I can’t let them miss out on…

The Immersion – Once you set foot into Cars Land, you immediately feel like you are in the movie. Everything is so stunning, from theĀ authentic feel of Route 66, 3-D versions of landmarks from the film, including,Ā Luigiā€™s Casa Della Tires,Ā Fillmoreā€™s Taste-In, Cozy Cone Motel,Ā andĀ Floā€™s V8 CafĆ© to the amazingĀ Cadillac Mountain Range inĀ Ornament Valley. Ā The Disney Imagineers really put their foot into this one, they have an uncanny way of bringing the movie to life.

The Rides – There are 3 of them: a high-speed, car racing ride called Radiator Springs Racers (my fav), Luigi’s Flying Tires, which is a floating tire ride that glides on air as you catch inflatable balls, and Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree, a fun ride where Mater tow’s a bunch of trailers on baby tractors while pumping his jukebox do-si-do tunes.

The “Car-acters” – Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater actually drive around the streets of Cars Land, greeting guests and belting out fun Cars inspired lines. Take a photo with them and watch them ride through Cars Land!

Cars Land at Night – The attractions and restaurants illuminate at night, their neon lit signs match the Radiator Springs scenes from the movie.

If you have been wanting to take your family to see Cars Land, pencil it in this summer! It is an amazing experience. I saw so many kids’ faces light up when Lightning McQueen drove out onto the main street and greeted the crowd. My kids will be just as amazed, especially my Cars movie fan, MJ. Here are a few more photos, I get excited all over again every time I look at them!


Mater's Junkyard Jamboree Ride


Get your kicks, on Route 66!


Radiator Springs Racers!


Luigi's Flying Tires


That’s not all, Disney California Adventure has expanded more than ever. In addition to Cars Land, there is the new Buena Vista Street, which is sorta like the “Main Street” of Disneyland, as well as the World of Color show, which is a spectacular water and light show that takes place at night. You can bet to see a montage of all of your Disney favorites here! For more information about Disney CaliforniaĀ AdventureĀ and Cars Land, visitĀ http://disneyland.disney.go.com/disneys-california-adventure/


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Disclosure: I attended all events on behalf of Disney. Everything I share is all mine.

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