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A Wish For My Daughter To Encourage Confidence and Strength In All She Does

I have a special wish for my daughter to encourage her confidence and strength as she grows up. This post is sponsored by Scholastic to promote My Wish for You book, a new title that is so inspiring for little girls!

A Wish For My Daughter To Encourage Confidence and Strength In All She Does - Young girl reads My Wish For You book by Kathryn Hahn

A Wish For My Daughter

Ahhh raising little girls…. It is definitely a complex task. No two girls are the same, and, as a mother, I feel like there are a lot of things to teach and share with them. A lot more than boys, in fact. My daughter is a sweet, strong, anxious, smart, energetic, inquisitive, sensitive little thing. She is not a girly girl; you will never catch her wearing a dress (unless it’s a special occasion). Science is her jam, and this girl loves building with LEGO bricks. The new book My Wish for You is a sweet story by Kathryn Hahn that shows every girl that she has an inherent power of AWESOME deep inside. With lots of pressure on kids these days, I want my little girl to grow up knowing that she is awesome just the way she is, and I love how this book is so inspirational! My wish for my daughter is simple – BE YOURSELF.

My Wish For You Book - An inspirational story for girls by Kathryn Hahn

Just be yourself, girl.

I want her to learn that she can be herself, no matter what. There is a certain confidence that comes with knowing that no matter who you are, it’s OK. No matter how you dress, or who you hang out with, no matter what you look like or what kind of hobbies you enjoy, you are important. Your choices are worthy. You don’t have to be like anyone else because society tells you that you do. What I love about My Wish for You is that it represents all types of girls in all shades and sizes. The motivating words from Kathryn Hahn and illustrations by Brigette Barrager really drive home the point that no matter who you are or what you love to do, you are uniquely YOU!

My Wish For You book by Kathryn Hahn

My Wish For You Author Kathryn Hahn

I strongly believe that spending time with my daughter is absolutely necessary to provide lessons of confidence, strength, and self-esteem as they arise. When we travel together, enjoy a meal out at a restaurant, and even talk about the morning soccer game, we are able to discuss happenings and have those conversations that matter! Out of all the things we like to do together, reading at bed time is the absolute best. It is quiet, calm, and we can enjoy a fun story together after all the hustle and bustle of a long day. I am so glad that Hahn wrote such a touching story to reinforce the very things I want to instill in my little girl, and I love having My Wish for You in our home library!

African American mother and daughter reading together

Be confident, be strong, be YOU

Instilling confidence and strength in young girls can be a task, but it is so important to mold our daughters to be self-positive early on. My wish for my daughter is to know that it’s absolutely ok to be herself and be assured in knowing that she is amazing just the way she is! The book My Wish for You is special, and it’s amazing for mothers and fathers, grandparents, daughters, and friends to share with little girls in their lives. This is the first Scholastic title by Kathryn Hahn, actor (I loved her in Bad Moms!) and mother to her own daughter. Hahn does a great job with this story to inspire girls to bring out the power they have deep inside!

My Wish for You by Kathryn Hahn
Illustrated by Brigette Barrager

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