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Adventure Travel: Ziplining With San Luis Canopy Tours, Costa Rica

Deanna Underwood, mommyGAGA, ziplining with San Luis Canopy Tours, Costa Rica


Y’all remember when I visited Costa Rica last year? It was my second time going and I really want to try to go once a year. The amount of natural beauty there is astounding, I recommend that everyone experience the gorgeous beaches, mountains, and rainforests, and see wild monkeys, iguanas, and toucans walk and fly right around you. Read about the time I got to travel to tropical Costa Rica here.


Harnesses for zip line adventure, Costa Rica


One of the most fun excursions we did was on our way from the cloud forest up in the San Ramon mountains to the beach in Manuel Antonio: ZIPLINING. If you have ziplined else where, you know how fast and fun it is to fly through the sky. If you have never done it, you’re in for a treat! Our tour guide stopped at San Luis Canopy Tours, the place to go for ziplining over the virgin forests an hour outside of the capital of San Jose. 


Set into the placid cloud forests of Costa Rica’s Central Valley region, the San Luis canopy tour will take you on an exhilarating and safe adventure through lush, green canopy and across the majestic Rio Cataratitas. Carried securely by a system of ziplines, you will soar weightlessly through the expanse of virgin forest that grounds the tour, and find yourself in intimacy with the habitats of Costa Rica’s distinct cloud forest wildlife.”


Deanna Underwood zip lining in San Luis, Costa Rica

 Zip lining at San Luis Canopy Tours, Costa Rica


The views are absolutely breathtaking! It is so exhilarating to be able to soar hundreds of feet through the trees above a rushing river. The tarzan swing was a something to love, and the final “superman” line requires that you lay face down in a harness and fly across a 500 meter cable. It’s super fun!


Superman zip line at San Luis Canopy tours, Costa Rica


Here’s a video of one of the shorter zip lines, I had the guide shoot it right behind me. There was no way I was letting go!



Y’all MUST go take a zip line tour through the rainforest with San Luis Canopy Tours! These guys were a lot of fun, speak english for all of you non-Spanish speakers, and they knew what they were doing. I high;y recommend this canopy tour!


Tarzan swing through the rain forest in Costa Rica


Check out the Hilton Papagayo Costa Rica Resort and Spa in Guanacaste. It looks beautiful, it’s near the Liberia airport and has a stunning, secluded beach nearby. I have to put this property on the bucket list!


Costa Rican Tourism Board







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