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Fourth of July: Patriotic Marshmallow Star Shooters

Our nations Independence Day is coming up soon, and I know we’ve got some party people out there!


Red, White and Blue Marshmallow Star Shooters


The Fourth of July is a wonderful U.S. holiday, and the perfect time to celebrate with family and friends. If you are having, or attending, a party this July 4th, make these adorable Red, White and Blue Marshmallow Star Shooters! These are the perfect Fourth of July craft, centerpiece, and decorations. Kids love to help make them, then of course, eat them!


Patriotic Marshmallow Star Shooters


You will need:

  • 1 bag Kraft Jet-puffed StarMallows (6 stars per)
  • 10-inch wooden skewer sticks
  • red, white and blue sugar crystals
  • water


Marshmallow Stars Fourth of July Party Snacks


Start by rinsing your skewer sticks under the faucet and set aside on a paper towel to dry. You will need 2 of each color marshmallow per stick, 6 total. I made 6 shooters, so I used 36 marshmallows, 12 of each color.


dip star marshmallows in sugar sprinkles


Take your pink marshmallows and lightly dampen them is a shallow bowl of water. Be sure the entire surface is touched. DAMP is the key word here. Roll them around in the red sprinkles until completely covered. Set aside. You will do the same with the white stars in the white sprinkles, and the blue stars will go into the blue sprinkles. Like I had to tell you that… you got this!


NOTE: I recommend starting with one color and doing all of the marshmallows at once. My son stained a few of the stars, he was double dipping and picking up white marshmallows after handling the red ones. Rinse your hands and the dipping bowl between colors.


Marshmallow star on a stick


When all of your stars are properly sugared, it’s time to put it all together! Start with the blue, then white, then red, slowly pushing the pointed end of the stick through the middle of each marshmallow. Be sure to leave a little space, about 2 inches, at the bottom of the skewer stick to hold on to. Repeat. You’ve just finished your first Patriotic Marshmallow Star Shooter!


Patriotic Marshmallow Star Shooters, treats on a stick


These were a lot of fun to make and taste even better. This edible patriotic craft can double as decoration, too. You can display these flat on a tray, or in a jar as I did. Hope you enjoyed these, have a great 4th of July party!



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