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3 Reasons To Take Your Family On A Costa Rica Vacation

My husband and I visited Costa Rica last month on behalf of the tourism board. We had an amazing time, there is so much to do and see in this beautiful country!


Family Travel Vacation in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica


We flew into San Jose, the country’s capital, and drove an hour to the San Ramon area to spend a couple of days in the Los Angeles Cloud Forest. Then, we headed to Manuel Antonio, one of the most popular tourist destinations, for some fun, wildlife, relaxation and sun! I wish we could have brought the kids, they would have had such a good time. The wonders of nature, culture, adventure, and gorgeous beaches await you, all in Costa Rica!


3 Reasons to Visit Costa Rica with Your Family




red wild flower in the Los Angeles Cloud Forest, Costa Rica


There is so much life, nature is abundant in Costa Rica. You will not see anything like this in North America, there are wild animals, plants and flowers that flourish due to the climate, rainfall, and the country’s eco-friendly tourism and wildlife protection and environmental conservation laws and practices. We were so lucky to see toucans, sloths, wild growing orchids and hydrangea flowers, white faced monkeys, crocodiles, and even macaws living free in the wild.


white face monkeys in the wild, mother with baby on her back, Costa Rica


wild red torch ginger flower, Costa Rica


This wild orchid was growing on the side of the road in San Ramon…


wild orchid growing on the side of the road in Costa Rica


Iguanas are common, this guy was about 3 feet long and walked around our hotel in Manuel Antonio like he owned the place! The green frog also made himself at home on the wall outside of our room.


Wild iguana in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

wild green frog, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica



Trees shoot up as high as buildings and the bright green rain forests are full of leaves and plants. I can’t believe this is real life!


endless greenery in the rainforest, Costa Rica


wild hydrangea flower in Costa Rica

Wild crocodiles swarm under the Rio Tarcoles bridge…

wild crocodiles, Rio Tarcoles bridge, Costa Rica



We caught a glimpse of a sloth and a couple of macaws nesting through the telescope. Our tour guide was on it!


photo of wild sloth in a tree through telescope, Costa Rica




Marviel and Deanna Underwood, zip line adventure in Costa Rica


There are so many different adventures to take while visiting Costa Rica. Dependent upon what area you visit, you can find white water rafting, kayaking, zip lining, fishing, parasailing, bird watching, snorkeling, ATV riding, scuba diving, horse back riding, and so much more for all ages. My husband and I went zip lining with San Luis Canopy Tour, right outside of San Ramon. What an exhilarating experience!


Harnesses for zip line adventure, Costa Rica


Deanna Underwood zip lining in San Luis, Costa Rica


We flew through the cloud forests of the Central Valley region, getting an aerial view of vast amounts of untouched forests and a huge, breathtaking river, Rio Cataratitas. Our guides were both experienced and safety was the top priority. The tarzan swing and the “Superman” finale were the best parts, highly recommended!


Zip lining at San Luis Canopy Tours, Costa Rica


Superman zip line at San Luis Canopy tours, Costa Rica


I got a video of the whole experience, actually, I had one of our guides film it for me. I wasn’t letting go of anything while I was hundreds of feet in the air!






Manuel Antonio Beach, Costa Rica


In addition to amazing wildlife and lots of adventure, Costa Rica boasts some of the most beautiful beaches I have seen in my life! Sweeping views, sunshine, and warm temperatures year round make the beach cities ideal for families who can’t get enough of the ocean. The country touches both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, so you can be sure to find a place you’ll love.


We went to Manuel Antonio, which is on the Pacific side, and happens to be one of the top tourist destinations. In this area, you not only get to see beautiful beaches, but the national park is a noteworthy attraction as well. Kids had a great time splashing in the shallow pools here at Manuel Antonio beach…


Kids playing at Manuel Antonio beach, Costa Rica


I bought a fresh coconut to drink right on the beach! A lady was selling them, she cut it open right in front of my face…


Drink from a fresh coconut on Manuel Antonio beach, Costa Rica


Here is a stunning view of the Pacific Ocean from our hotel, Si Como No Resort in Manuel Antonio (which I whole-heartedly recommend for families!)…


View of the Pacific Ocean from Si Como No hotel, Costa Rica


Escape the cold of winter and descend upon the beautiful country of Costa Rica. No matter where your travels take you, there is so much to see and do! Trust me when I say that the experience is breath taking, you’ll thank me! Connect with the Costa Rican Tourism Board for destination information, hotel recommendations, sustainability, tours, family adventures, and other travel tips.


Costa Rican Tourism Board







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