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3 Ways To Remind Yourself To Swish With Listerine® Mouth Wash Daily


So, you know how i’m participating in the Listerine® 21-Day Oral Care Challenge?  I am partnering with Johnson & Johnson Healthcare Products Division of McNEIL-PPC, Inc. and The Motherhood to take the LISTERINE® 21-day challenge towards a cleaner, healthier mouth, and I am happy to share my family’s results. We have been doing a great job!


LISTERINE Oral Care Products


Not to toot my own horn, but I must say that I have done an exceptionally great job with the Listerine® 21-day Oral Care Challenge! Since I started making a conscious effort to use it day and night, after brushing, I realized that it’s all about sticking to good habits that work for you. It’s become a part of my routine. I was very consistent, accept for one night, when I was on vacation, I forgot to bring a trial size Listerine to Panama, so I had to find one while I was there. My kids have been using their Listerine® Smart Rinse Frozen branded bottle of mouth wash right along with me.


Swishing with LISTERINE mouth wash


3 Ways To Be Sure You Remember To Swish With Mouth Wash


1. Keep it out on the counter

I noticed that my kids would ASK if they could swish after brushing, but only if the Frozen Listerine bottle was on the bathroom counter. I went ahead and put both bottles out. Light bulb moment, y’all.

2. Write your routine down

Some people do better when there are lists, charts, and even sticky notes on the mirror. These can help kids remember what they should be doing to get ready each morning, and of course, swishing with Listerine® is on the list.

3. Get a travel sized Listerine and carry it with you

I realized this works well while I was in Panama. I was forced to purchase a trial size mouth wash, so I had it in my purse for about a week. I not only swished at the hotel, but also at the airport between flights!


Why swish with Listerine®?


LISTERINE 21 Day Oral Care Challenge


Plaque. Germs. Bacteria. Bad breath. Cavities. Decay. Eewww. Nobody wants these things in their mouths, I don’t care what you say! All of the crevices, nooks and crannies that we have in our cheeks, gums, and between teeth are getting rinsed twice daily. Sometimes, I get a little suspect when the kids finish brushing their teeth too fast, so I can take a little comfort in knowing that the mouth wash is helping them do the job.  Swishing with Listerine® twice daily means knowing that my mouth is clean and fresh, and that I am protecting my teeth. It gets rid of the yuck that your tooth brush misses, which is about 75% of your mouth.


Y’all, my mouth feels noticeably fresher on a daily basis. Give the Listerine® 21-Day Oral Care Challenge a try, you’ll get daily reminders, a chance to win prizes, plus a host of tips from the experts about oral care, home, fitness, healthy eating, and more along the way. This week, visit Walgreens to purchase LISTERINE® Antiseptic for only $4.49, an awesome price to get started with your 21-day challenge!


Are you game for a cleaner, fresher mouth?


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