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5 Tips For Planning A Kids Birthday Party On A Budget

These tips to plan a kids birthday party on a budget will help you throw your child a great birthday party without spending too much money.

5 tips for planning your kids birthday party on a budget

Planning a fun kids party

Two kids, two birthday parties. They’ve always had them, celebrating each year of life and love! We’re big on birthdays in our family, it’s the most special day for an individual, the day you were brought into this world, which is pretty important to me. Now I know that throwing birthday parties for kids can get pricey, some of the coolest places charge to highest prices. No need to break the bank!

Disney Cars Birthday Party theme

How to plan a kid’s birthday party on a budget

Throwing a birthday party for your kids doesn’t have to be expensive, you can totally put together a great party on a budget. Here are a few tips to save you some serious cash on your child’s new birthday party. Learn about having a kid’s birthday party on a budget.

Frozen Birthday Party Ideas, The Dessert Table

5 Tips To Plan A Kids Birthday Party On A Budget

1. Use a free venue

This tends to be the priciest aspect of a birthday party, in my experience, Instead of going to the fancy trampoline park, opt for throwing your party at home, at a public park, the beach, or at a friend’s backyard or clubhouse. These options are all free, which leaves you more room in the budget for the fun stuff.

San Diego Padres DIY Baseball birthday party cupcake tower

2. DIY the decorations

I am all about printables, there are so many options on the internet these days that you can print almost any decorative party theme! This is one of my top birthday party on a budget tips, bust out the scissors and glue, and get creative. I do my own invitations (paper or email), cupcake toppers, water bottle wrappers, banners, party favors, and even table centerpieces and cupcake towers.

Blow up your own balloons at home with the Balloon Time helium tank. Here’s our review, it made blowing up balloons super easy!

Also, the dollar store is your friend. You can buy a few inexpensive vases, cups, plates, napkins, and other party trinkets to create something beautiful (See Girl’s Frozen Birthday Party, Disney’s Cars DIY party banner, and our unicorn party is pictured below).

Unicorn birthday party decor, banner and party favors

3. Party food on a budget

Food can be a big expense when you are planning a party on a budget. There are a few ways to approach the food issue. The first would be to schedule the party at a non-meal time. Instead of having an event from 12 pm-3 pm, which would be lunchtime, have it from 2-5 pm. That way, people will have most likely eaten already, before arriving.

The second party food tip would be to make your own finger foods and purchase small plates instead of dinner-sized plates. It’s cheaper to do a little shopping and make the party menu at home and affordable appetizers should do the trick. Also, people tend to load up large party plates with more than they really need. These TexMex roll-ups appetizer¬†and these slow cooker Thai chicken wings always do well at my parties! If you absolutely HAVE to buy lunch or dinner, opt for pizza.

Kids at a Sky Zone Birthday party

4. Borrow what you need

I know you’ve got friends and family, so ask around to see what you could potentially borrow for your party. Do you know someone with a large cooler? A beverage dispenser? Portable tables and chairs? Or even party games? I am sure someone, somewhere, owns corn hole boards.

5. Make the guest list, check it twice

My son has a bunch of family and friends that he always wants to invite to his parties, but I gently have to bring him back down to earth. Instead of inviting all 23 classmates, aunts, uncles, cousins, kids from camp, kids from baseball, friends from soccer, kids from his class three years ago, friends of a friend, etc, narrow down that invite list to the people who actually matter!

Frozen Birthday Party Ideas, magic glow wands party favors

How do you save money on your kid’s birthday parties?

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  • Talking about kids party planner prices can give one nightmares especially when living on a budget. But I am sure by choosing a venue where you dont have to pay anything like a community garden and getting the decorations yourself will be a big money saver. Food does not cost much since kids tend to eat very less if you have interesting activities lined up for them. Small games that do not require much to buy can be a part of the celebration. At the end it matters how much the kids enjoyed instead of how much one spent.

  • We just did a Boxcar Children birthday, and did indeed have it at home, made decorations, and borrowed (some of our tables and chairs). All that saving left the cash to BUILD a boxcar in our back yard. We spent about $150 on that including the bunk bed frame off a “buy used” site, paint, hardware, wood for the roof, screening (which I wrapped around it), and plastic paint can lids for the wheels. Thanks for sharing!

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