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First Day of School: Creative Back To School Photos With Balloons!

Creative back to school photos help to make the most fun first day of school memories! We’re sharing the pictures we took of our precious kindergartner, back to school time can be so much fun with balloons!

First Day of School Memories: Creative Back To School Balloons Photos!

Creating first day of school memories

She started kindergarten. Where has the time gone? I could swear that it was yesterday that she was tugging on my pant leg and crying for me not to leave her at her first day at preschool – but that was 3 years ago! The first day of kindergarten only happens once, so we had to take some fun and creative back to school photos to commemorate the occasion.

Brother and sister creative back to school photoshoot with balloons

Take the cutest and most creative back to school photos with balloons!

My kids love balloons, so what better way to spruce up some back-to-school pictures and add color than a rainbow bouquet? I thought about making a balloon arc, and even some sort of way of spelling my daughter’s name with balloons, but she wanted the rainbow bouquet. You only need a few supplies to make this simple photo prop work…

Balloon Time helium tank, perfect for parties and events

The Balloon Time helium tank is so easy to use, perfect to have at home for parties, events, and of course, back to school photos. Simply twist to open the green valve, place a balloon onto the black nozzle, and press down on it until helium starts to flow into the balloon.

Blowing up balloons is easy with the Balloon Time standard helium tank

Inflate your back to school balloons

Fill it up as much as you’d like and tie off the ends. Measure out your ribbon and tie it onto each balloon, make sure the ribbon is about the same length on each balloon. Tie them to a chair or a table leg as you go to prevent the balloon from flying away.

When you’re ready, take each of the balloons and arrange them how you’d like, keep all of the ribbons together and tie them together into a large bow at the end. Find your favorite photo spot and take those gorgeous back-to-school photos…..

Beautiful little natural brown girl on her first day of school with rainbow balloons

A fun back to school photoshoot idea

My sweet little lady is growing up! She enjoyed this photo shoot, which is rare for a 5-year-old! She was spinning around, jumping and kicking – all because she had balloons in her hand.

My kids were thrilled to watch me blow up each balloon color and tie them off, we even had a little laugh when I accidentally let one of the balloons go. Oops! We will love these first day of school memories for years to come!

Get creative with your school pictures using balloons!

Brainstorm some ideas and spruce up your creative back-to-school photos with balloons – you’ll need the easy-to-use Balloon Time helium tank to fill them all up! This tank is going to be great year-round for birthday parties and other events, getting crafty with balloons has never been easier!

Balloons are so much fun, they really made for fun kindergarten pictures that we’ll look back at in a few years and smile. Visit for more DIY ideas, tips, and tricks with balloons!

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