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5 Awesome Things I Did In Downtown Toronto, Ontario This Weekend

Who loves to travel and explore a new city? I sure do, and spent the weekend in Toronto, Ontario in Canada with my sister for our birthday (twins!) – we had an amazing time! Here are some things I did in Downtown Toronto, such a beautiful city to visit.

A day in Toronto - 5 awesome things I did in Downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada. So many great things to do here, I love this city

Toronto has been a city on my bucket list that I finally got to visit! Have you been to Toronto? There is so much to do! There are so many things to do in Toronto, but with only 4 days, I didn’t have enough time to do it all. What did we choose?

The streets of Downtown Toronto are bustling with cars bikes, businessmen and women, locals, and tourists alike. This particular weekend, the city was hosting the Toronto International Film Festival, which made for a wonderful addition to the trip. Here are the things I did in Downtown Toronto.


5 Awesome Things I Did In Downtown Toronto, Ontario This Weekend

Delta Toronto Hotel king bed room with city view 26th floor

Ate, drank, relaxed at the Delta Toronto 

This hotel is a pretty nice one, it was recently remodeled so the furnishings and decor are new. I love the modern look of the whole place, and the food was actually quite good. There is a restaurant here, a whisky bar, fitness center, indoor pool, and plenty of meeting space. Ordering room service and looking out of the 26th floor at this amazing view was time well spent! Delta Hotels Toronto


Checked out TIFF 2016

Toronto International Film Festival happens every year around this time, and it definitely draws crowds. King Street was blocked off to traffic so that the festivities could commence. There were lots of things to do, movie screenings, music stages and star studded events, too. In Style throws an awesome event each year, and I got the chance to go! Guests were dressed to the nines, and there were so many celebrities there that I didn’t even know who they all were. I did see Pharrell, Nate Parker, Octavia Spencer, and Anne Hathaway! My sister and I also went to a screening of the film Birth of a Nation. This is an important story that needs to be told, don’t miss it!


Strolled the streets at the Kensington Market

This is a pretty neat area in Downtown Toronto. Super colorful with a vintage vibe, the Kensington Market is actually an outdoor collection of artisan shops, restaurants, jewelry, coffee bars, costume stores, resale clothing, farmers, and other cool stuff on the same street. It’s completely outdoors, and each shop runs it’s own show. It’s definitely worth a stroll through the area, you may find artists local to Toronto, which cannot be found anywhere else!


Explored Downtown Toronto

One of my favorite things I did in Downtown Toronto was walking the streets. There are so many neat things to do and see, Rogers Centre stadium is home to the Toronto Blue Jays, and the CN Tower is so tall that it can be seen from virtually anywhere downtown. There are people from all walks of life around here, and stopping into a local restaurant or coffee shop you’ve never heard of is easy to do! Exploring downtown was how we came across the events at the waterfront (below).


Did a handstand at the Downtown Toronto Waterfront!

There’s a Waterfront area in Downtown Toronto that is full of stuff to do – shops, food, parks, a biking and running trail, marinas, art galleries, event space, stages, and so much more! It spans 46 km. along Lake Ontario, one of the longest lakefronts in the world. We found a vegan festival and a pretty cool grass area where people were doing yoga under the sun. I loved this view in front of the CN Tower, so I thought I would join the festivities with a handstand! Not quite a yoga pose, but I had fun nonetheless!

What do you love about Downtown Toronto?

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