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A Photo Tour of The Set of ABC’s #black-ish with Tracee Ellis Ross!

Check out this photo tour of the set of ABC’s Black-ish with none other than the lovely Tracee Ellis Ross!

ABC's Black-ish TV Show set tour with Tracee Ellis Ross and Deanna Underwood

Photo tour of the set of ABC’s Black-ish

Do you all remember when I interviewed Tracee Ellis Ross in Los Angeles with Disney and ABC? She gave us a tour of the set of her TV show black-ish, and it was such a cool experience to check out what happens behind the scenes

Deanna Underwood and Tracee Ellis Ross

image: Black-ish/ABC

Tracee gave our group a personal tour of the set, taking us through each room in the house and describing all of the scenes that are filmed there, how they shoot from different angles and sides of the rooms, and more.

The black-ish family house is absolutely beautiful, you’d never realize that it’s not real! Each room is decorated to the T, I kept finding myself saying, “Oh my gosh I want this house!” Here are some photos I took on the Black-ish set.

ABC's Blackish Set - Cozy living room

The main living room and kitchen area seems to be the place where many of the scenes are shot. I totally recognize it from watching this show! Do you see the open ceilings? There are tons of lights up there, and Tracee says that there are some open wall as well, perfect for angles and shooting their best shot!

Tracee Ellis Ross gives bloggers a tour of the set of ABC's Blackish

photo: Black-ish/ABC

This kitchen. I need it. Now. It’s absolutely huge, and actually, all of the rooms, hallways an doorways are large to be able to fit the camera equipment.

ABC's black-ish tv show set kitchen, Heidi Johnson, The Bragging Mommy

photo: The Bragging Mommy

Below is Andre Johnson (Anthony Anderson) and Rainbow Johnson’s bedroom. Tracee says that nobody is allowed on the bed, accept for them, of course. It takes up to 5 days just to shoot one episode, so they have been known to take naps in between takes on set!

ABC's Blackish Set - Mr and Mrs Johnson's Master bedroom

Dre has a huge closet, and his shoe collection is INSANE. I ran out of time so I didn’t get to grab a photo back there, but can I just say that I would kill for a closet like this?!

ABC's Blackish Set - Master Bedroom and Dre's closet

Here’s a good shot of Dre’s¬†shoe closet from Heidi at The Bragging Mommy

black-ish set Dre's shoe closet, Heidi Johnson The Bragging Mommy

photo: The Bragging Mommy

Tracee points out some African American art on the walls of one of the kids’ bedrooms. She says that she loves working with the kids on the show, and that they are so great. They’re so young and not yet jaded, and¬†have a pure joy about them each morning, lots of giggling and laughing, and fun on set!

Tracee Ellis Ross gives a tour of ABC's Blackish Set

This is another child’s bedroom, I believe it’s Andre Jr’s (Marcus Scribner).

ABC's Blackish Set - Andre Johnson Jr. Kids Bedroom

Aren’t these family photos adorable?! They really help to make the home look “lived in” and personalize it. So cute.

ABC's Blackish Set - Family photos on the wall

The photo below is a shot of the side of the house. The model trees and grass stay put while they often turn on fans to blow the leaves on the trees. The wind simulation actually looks real through the windows when you’re shooting from inside the house!

ABC's Blackish Set - Model trees and grass on the side of the house

Thanks so much to ABC and Tracee for the awesome set tour, make sure to watch black-ish tonight, Wednesday, December 9th at 9:30pm/8:30pm central! They’re showing a Christmas episode called “Stuff” where Dre (dad) believes that the kids love stuff so much that he’s decided to turn down the gift-giving a notch this year. The kids didn’t appreciate the news, you’ll have to watch to see how they handle it!

photo: ABC, Ron Batzdorff

photo: ABC, Ron Batzdorff

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Tracee Ellis Ross on the set of Blackish, Walt Disney Studios

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