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DIY LEGO Ornament Wreath Photo Craft for Christmas

Our DIY LEGO ornament wreath is such a fun Christmas craft to make. Personalize it with your favorite photos and admire these LEGO Christmas tree ornaments for years to come!

DIY LEGO Christmas Ornament Wreath Photo Craft for kids

DIY LEGO Christmas Tree Ornament

We’re all in the Christmas spirit around here folks, the holidays are here and we are so ready for winter break! This is the season for hot cocoa, jingle bells, and lots of Christmas crafting fun. Learn how to make your own DIY holiday ornaments using LEGO® bricks!

DIY LEGO Wreath Ornament - LEGO Christmas tree ornaments instructions

A fun LEGO holiday ornament idea

If you’re looking for fun holiday crafts for kids, this DIY LEGO Ornament Wreath is one of the coolest Christmas crafts we’ve done! My kids are huge fans of LEGO bricks, so we have quite a large stash and pretty much every single kind of LEGO you can think of. All you need are a few supplies and you can make your own LEGO Christmas ornament wreath!


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DIY LEGO Ornament Wreath Photo Craft

Materials needed for this LEGO DIY:

  • 16 flat green, 4-stud LEGO® bricks
  • 8-10 round red LEGO® caps (each one fits one stud)
  • 1 small 2×2 inch photo (I printed one on card stock, a real photo is better)
  • ribbon or twine
  • glue gun (for the adults to do)

Here’s how to build a LEGO Christmas ornament

How to make a LEGO wreath photo ornament, you need these LEGO bricks

Step 1: Sort your LEGO bricks

Our LEGO ornament instructions are pretty easy to follow. First, make sure you have the right amount of LEGO bricks to get started. It is essential to have 16 of the green flat ones, otherwise, it won’t connect right at the end.

How to make a LEGO wreath photo ornament, connect bricks corner to corner

Step 2: Assemble the holiday wreath

To make the circular wreath, you’re going to connect each brick, corner to corner, alternating between going over, then under. You should be able to wiggle the pieces around just a little bit to make them curve inward. Over-under, over-under…

Making a DIY LEGO holiday ornament, connecting the bricks

Keep going until you get most of the way around the circle and you have only one green flat LEGO brick left. Place this one on carefully to connect the two open ends, mine fell apart a couple of times because I was pressing that piece on to forcefully.

For adults to do: Once you’ve got the wreath looking how you like it, hot glue the pieces together by removing them one by one. Add a dot of glue inside each socket where the two pieces connect. Give this a few minutes to dry and set.

How to make a LEGO wreath photo ornament, connect the LEGO bricks in a circle

Step 3: Add the holly and berries to the wreath

Next, you’ll add the red LEGO caps onto the stubs of the wreath as ornaments. You can arrange them however you’d like, we spread them out and alternated them in different places on the wreath.

How to make a LEGO holiday wreath photo ornament, add red LEGO caps

Step 4: Tie ribbon to hang the LEGO ornament

Time to tie on your ribbon! You can make this part as long as you want it, however you’d like it to look hanging on your tree.

LEGO wreath ornament craft -tying the ribbon

I used a red and brown-colored twine. I measured out the length I wanted, tied a double knot onto the top of the wreath itself, then tied another knot at the top of the two pieces of string to form a loop. Trim the ends to your desired length.

How to make a LEGO wreath photo ornament, knot the end of the ribbon

Step 5: Glue the photo into the ornament wreath

Now it’s time to personalize your wreath ornament. Next, hold up your ornament by the string so you’ll know how it will hang. This will be the top, so make sure that you align your photo accordingly. Now once you’ve made sure that your photo fits inside the wreath’s hole, hot glue it onto the back, face down, so that the photo shows through from the front. Be careful not to glue onto the face of the photo where it will show!

How to make a personalized LEGO wreath photo ornament, add the picture

LEGO Christmas ornament DIY tutorial, glue the photo to the back of the wreath

Allow the glue a few minutes to cool and dry, then carefully trim off the excess edges of the photo around the ornament. At this point, you can add a colorful backing to hide the photo paper if you wish, but you’re all done. Now hang your DIY LEGO ornament and admire!

DIY LEGO Wreath Ornament - LEGO Christmas ornaments instructions

Enjoy your Christmas photo ornament!

We just love how these turned out. I will definitely be making a couple more of these, my daughter wants one for our tree at home, and these make great gifts to give to all of the kids in our family!

Try making your own LEGO Christmas ornaments, and enjoy the holiday season!

DIY LEGO Christmas Tree Ornaments

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