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DIY Christmas Tree Cards – A Cute Paper Straw Christmas Craft

Our DIY Christmas tree cards are such a cute and fun paper straw Christmas craft for kids. This easy paper straw Christmas tree is such a fun holiday project!

DIY Christmas Tree Cards - A Cute Paper Straw Christmas Craft

Easy Handmade Christmas tree cards

Aren’t you glad it’s Christmastime? We are so ready for family and friends and love galore, this is truly the most wonderful time of the year!

As you may know, crafting is one of our favorite ways to celebrate the holidays (see these DIY Popsicle Stick Reindeer Ornaments). This year, we tried our hand at making some handmade 3-D Christmas greeting cards and they came out so neat! This inexpensive holiday craft is an easy tutorial to follow and fun for kids to make a custom card for someone they love.

Easy Holiday card making ideas - cool 3d Christmas cards

We love making Christmas crafts with paper straws

If you enjoy holiday crafting and are looking to make homemade holiday cards this year, we have a fun and cool 3D Christmas cards craft you might like. With just a few materials and some willing participants, you can create these fun paper straw Christmas tree cards at home with your family!

DIY Christmas tree cards - a fun holiday paper straw craft

DIY Christmas Tree Cards – A Cute Paper Straw Christmas Craft

If you are looking for easy Christmas card making ideas, you are going to love this fun holiday project! All you need are paper straws, pom poms, and a few more materials to make the cutest homemade Christmas cards for your loved ones.

Materials needed to make these paper straw Christmas trees

  • Paper straws (we used about 10 green colored paper straws)
  • Cardstock or construction paper (multiple colors)
  • Mini craft pom-poms
  • School glue (clear-drying)
  • Scissors

How to make your own homemade Christmas cards

First, gather all of your materials. We were able to find the paper straws and pom-poms at the dollar store, or you can go to any craft store and grab what you need.

Materials needed for a diy Christmas card craft

Grab a piece of colored cardstock and fold it in half. This will be the card, so choose a color you love. As you can see, I went with red as I knew it would match the ornament pom-poms we had.

Cut your paper straws, staggering them from large to small

Next, we cut off the palm trees that came with our paper straws and started by cutting the longest straw piece (the bottom of the tree). From there, we slowly and carefully measured each straw against each other and cut them smaller and smaller than the last one as we went along. We ended up using 10 straws total and it seems to have filled up the card quite nicely.

Making Christmas crafts with paper straws - Homemade Christmas tree cards

Then, we cut out a rectangle for the tree’s stump and did a quick free-hand draw of a star on our yellow paper and cut it out. Note, it is not perfect and totally doesn’t need to be! If you don’t want to draw a star, you can always trace a stencil or use a sticker, if you have these.

Glue together your paper straw Christmas tree card

To build your tree, I recommend that you first arrange and lay your straws, tree trunk, and star on top of the card where you’d like them to sit before gluing them on. This is so you know exactly how you want to position your materials beforehand. Also, make sure the card is positioned to open up to the left before gluing!

To put the Christmas tree together, we chose to start from the bottom and build our way up. When you are ready, glue on the tree trunk in the desired location and begin to glue on the paper straws horizontally from largest to smallest, going upward towards the top of the card. Add the star to the very top.

Glue on paper straws in order from largest to smallest to create a Christmas tree

Decorate your holiday card craft

Finally, glue on the little pom-pom “ornaments” randomly on the paper straw Christmas tree and allow the card to dry completely. We used mini pom-poms in red, white, and green Christmas colors, but you can obviously use whatever colors you like. Alternatively, you can use other lightweight craft materials like sequins, small stickers, or even small beads as ornaments for your holiday tree!

Easy handmade Christmas tree cards - Christmas crafts with paper straws

Enjoy this paper straw Christmas craft!

We hope you love this easy Christmas tree craft idea and have a blast making some of these cards at home for your loved ones. The cool part about this project is that the paper straws and ornaments stick out slightly and make the tree look 3-D! Have fun crafting this holiday season!

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