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Celebrating Firsts: Chicco Stack 3-in-1 Chair Grows With Your Child!


By contributing writer Mariel Concepcion


Cute Kid in Chicco 3 in 1 Stack High Chair

I got the opportunity to review the Chicco Stack 3-in-1 Multi-Chair recently and, boy, was I impressed with the functions, versatility and over all ability of this high chair. There’s a first for everything, and I can’t wait to celebrate these milestones with my kids!


Chicco Stack 3-in-1 High Chairs

The Chicco Stack 3-in-1 chair arrived at my doorstep at a pretty opportune moment. My husband, toddler and I had just relocated to the East Coast from sunny San Diego, California – with a short, three-month stint in Panama City, Panama, in between – and were in search for reasonably priced yet functional baby gear. Not only that, we had just found out we had another bundle of joy on the way! Also, because we were moving to a much smaller metropolitan area apartment than our tri-level townhouse in San Diego, we knew we wanted furniture that was not only toddler-friendly, but also newborn safe and comfortable; a chair that was durable enough for both kids to use throughout the years; and something that was not too bulky so that it can take up as little space as possible in our tiny New Jersey pad.


Chicco Stack 3-in-1 high chair padded seat and safety harness


The first thing I will say about the Stack is that it was super easy to put together. It took this pregnant momma about ten minutes to easily and without tools assemble the whole thing. Secondly, the design is enticing enough for babies but also sophisticated enough to blend in with our own furniture, which was nice. We got lucky and received the kiwi green version, but it is available in other colors that work for both genders, like aqua, so, there are options.


Chicco Stack High Chair Large Tray


Immediately after, what I noticed was how big the tray on the Stack is, which is a huge plus for my little guy. He is a super multi-tasker, and likes to play with his trucks while he eats dinner or have two drink options during lunch, and the Stack tray was able to accommodate everything nicely. Not only that, what I learned after spending a couple of weeks with the Stack is that it soon became my son’s favorite chair as he wanted this high chair to be more than just his meal-time seating. He wanted to do crafts while sitting in it, and read books, or play with his trains and train tracks on it, and other times just watch TV and relax in it (thank God for the three-position recline option!). So, the chair serves many purposes, mostly because the tray is big enough to handle of my guy’s needs.


Chicco Stack 3-in-1 High Chair buckle


Another good aspect about the tray is that it is one-hand removable (so, just press the lever at the front and it comes right off), but also has a washable tray liner, in case any food or paint creeps up in there, and it can be placed in three different positions horizontally, to give bigger kids the room they need and smaller babies the security they need by bringing the tray closer to their bodies. Obviously, the Stack has a two-setting harness system to strap babies in, as well. My son won’t sit in the thing without asking to be strapped, for the record.

Despite the fact my kid is rather tall for his 27 months and his legs can dangle a bit (he is 35 inches tall), the Stack foot rest has two positions – one higher and one lower— that can easily accommodate shorter and taller kids.


Chicco Stack


Lastly, the Chicco Stack 3-in-1 stands true to its name: it is multi-functional and grows with your child/children. Although we haven’t gotten to the point yet where we have used it as a booster or a youth stool, I am excited to know that not only will our baby girl (due in two weeks!) be able to use it as her first high chair as soon as six months, which is about the time she will probably be able to sit up and when we will start her on her first solids, but that she will be able to share the Stack with her brother, who might graduate to the stool option by then. Additionally, we won’t need to get another chair to accommodate both kids because, when our boy is using the stool, we can use the top of the chair as the booster for our little girl, which is just what we need in our limited space. Oh, and the booster can serve as a on-the-go chair, as well, which will be awesome during our many trips to grandma’s house in New York City!


Cute Kid in Chicco 3 in 1 Stack High Chair


I can’t say enough great things about the Chicco Stack 3-in-1 Multi-Chair and highly recommended it for any growing family like mine. Visit Chicco to learn more about the Stack 3-in-1 chair, we’ll be celebrating so many milestones so it fits perfect with our little family!


This review was written by contributing author Mariel Concepcion, a New York bred writer who splits her home between California and her home state. As an entertainment journalist, she has covered some of the biggest events and is published in multiple highly respected outlets. Mariel is adapting to her new life as a mom and wife, traveling the world with her littles in tow.



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