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Baby Shower Gift List – 5 Creative and Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas

This baby shower gift list has some great ideas for both parents and baby! If you need some creative and unique baby shower gift ideas, this is a great place to start.

Baby Shower Gift List - 5 Creative and Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas

It’s a baby shower gift list!

SO… it’s baby shower season and I have 2 more to attend. I swear once spring and summer hit, it seems like everyone is pregnant! I was having issues with what to buy as a gift.

Everyone shops from the registry and still end up buying the same thing as someone else. I wanted to be different. Sound like you? Well, I have a couple of great ideas for unique baby shower gifts!

5 Creative and Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas

1. Make a gift basket with necessary items and toys– You can make a cute little package of essentials for the coming baby. Match the items and the theme and colors and arrange them nicely in a gift basket, decorated box, or even an infant tub.

DIY baby shower gift basket ideas include adding diapers, toys, washcloths, baby wipes, and more. If you don’t have time to make one of these unique baby shower basket ideas yourself, grab one of these super cute baby gift baskets.

Unique baby shower gift ideas - homemade 3 tier diaper cake

2. Make a homemade diaper cake – One of my favorites on the baby shower gift list is definitely diaper cakes! They are so cute and useful. They make great table gifts and centerpieces. If you aren’t up to making one, get your diaper cakes on Amazon, there is a surprisingly good selection of quality cakes. I made the one pictured above for a friend who had a little boy.

3. Personalized gifts for baby – I love personalized baby shower gifts because they are all unique to the child. Parents love personalized blankets, If you can make something like this yourself, it would be one of the most unique DIY baby shower gifts!

4. A college fund contribution – Toys and essentials are nice, but once baby grows up, there is a whole lot to pay for! A great unique baby shower gift idea would be a college fund contribution. You can do this in the form of a certificate of deposit, or create them an account through a college savings program that the parents can control.

Another idea is to buy them some stock shares. They will appreciate through the baby’s years of life and hopefully be worth something when adulthood is reached. Get a free share of stock here through Robinhood, there are no trading fees and you can receive dividends as long as you own the stock.

Easy DIY baby gifts - diaper bag tote caddy set portable changing table

5. Create a fully stocked diaper bag – There are lots of homemade baby shower gift ideas, but this one is one of the best for mom. Buy a quality diaper bag and fill each pocket with the necessary items.

For the smaller pockets, use these gift ideas: a bottle/sippy cup, a teething ring, a small toy, pacifiers, and infant Tylenol. For the larger pockets, you can use diapers, diaper rash cream, a receiving blanket, changing pads, baby wipes, and onesies/an outfit. She can later use the bag for every day with baby!

Try one of these cute baby shower gift ideas

These are such creative baby shower gift ideas! I hope you got some good ideas from our baby shower gift list. If you have any ideas or if you know of more homemade baby gifts to make that are unique for a baby shower, please comment and post pics if you have them.

I love this type of stuff. Also, we have some pretty fun unique baby shower themes for boys and unique baby shower ideas for girls, too!

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