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28 Cool Camping Ideas and Hacks for Your Next Trip

You have got to try some of these cool camping ideas and hacks, there are so many great ideas! If you’re planning a camping trip this summer, take a look at these DIY camping hacks for families.

28 Awesome Camping Ideas and Hacks - Why didn't I think of these, some of these camping hacks are so smart!

Thes are some cool camping ideas

We love going camping, it’s so fun to experience the outdoors with the whole family. While camping involves a lot of setup and manual labor, it’s still a blast! There are lots of great camping ideas from tents and campfires to food ideas, roasting s’mores, and other equipment hacks that will make your camping trip run a little smoother. Try one on your next trip to the outdoors!

28 Amazing Camping Ideas and Hacks for Your Next Trip

Marshmallow hot dog smores roasting sticks, perfect for camping

Campfire ideas and firestarters

1. Reusable Hot dog and S’mores roasting sticks – QuantaHome

These roasting sticks are a must-have item for your next campfire, they’re perfect for hot dogs and marshmallow roasting!

diy firewood rack

2. DIY Firewood Rack – 50 Campfires

Use some wood planks and a couple of cinder blocks to make this easy firewood rack.

DIY camp fire starter hack with egg carton

3. Eggs-tra Special Campfire Starter – Sew Many Ways

This is a great campfire starter idea. Save those egg cartons and put them to use on your next family camping trip.

4. Homemade Crayon Fire Starters for Camping – Dukes and Duchesses

Can you start a fire with burlap and crayon shavings? Check out this firestarter idea for your next camping trip.

Mason jar match holder

5. DIY Mason Jar Match Holder – 17 Apart

This is no ordinary mason jar, but one that has been transformed into a match holder. You can strike the matches right on the lid and keep moisture away from matches while you’re camping!

DIY campfire starters

6. DIY Fire Starters – Over The Big Moon

You can pre-make a few of these DIY campfire starters with just a few items from your home. What a great idea!

7. Point a light into a water jug for an instant lamp – listorama

Illuminate your whole space with this camping light idea. This is perfect for lighting the inside of your tent at night!

Camp food ideas and camping kitchen hacks

DIY Camping hacks Kitchen Organizer

8. Brilliant Camp Kitchen Organizer – Starling Travel

Check out this great DIY camping hack – they used a standard plastic over-the-door shoe holder to organize all of their kitchen camping essentials.

9. 7 Kitchen Hacks For Camping – Midlife Healthy Living

With these camping kitchen ideas, a little bit of pre-planning can lighten your load and help you in the ‘kitchen’ on your next camping trip.

Outdoor camping lanyard rope for hanging essentials

10. Outdoor hanging camping lanyard

Keep clutter off of the floor and accessible with this outdoor camping lanyard. Hang it across two tree branches or stand it upright and hang your pots, pans, lanterns, mugs, water bottles, clothing, or whatever you need to!

DIY hand washing station made out of a laundry detergent bottle - what a great camping hack!

11. DIY Hand Washing Station – Do It and How

Keep those hands clean with this easy DIY camping handwashing station!

12. Crack eggs into a sealed container ahead of time – Pinterest

Instead of worrying about keeping a fragile egg carton, you can pre-crack your eggs into a sealed container. This is a wonderful idea.

Coleman Road Trip portable camping propane gas grill

13. Bring along this Road Trip portable propane grill – Coleman

This Coleman compact gas grill uses propane and is easy to transport. This grill folds up nicely and rolls away whenever you’re ready to go.

14. 7 Food Ideas for Campfire Pie Irons – Northern Cheap$Kate

These food recipes using pie irons are perfect for your next camping trip. Make pizza pockets, grilled cheese, and more right over your campfire! Buy a pie iron here.

camping hacks and ideas - use Tic Tac boxes to store your spices

15. Repurposed TicTac Boxes for Travel Spices – Seattle Sundries

No need to bring the whole pantry on your camping trip. This is such a good cooking idea for camping trips.

16. DIY Individual Coffee Filter Bags – Make the Best of Everything

These DIY coffee filter brewing bags are perfect for camping and taking your coffee-making talents on the go!

Camping games for kids and activities for families

Camping games for adults

17. Camping Games for Kids and Adults – Plan Party Plan

From scavenger hunts to charades, cannonball, tag, walk the plank, and more, check out some of these fun ideas for camping games.

Camping Bingo Game Cards

18. Printable camping bingo cards – Happiness Is Homemade

These free printable camping bingo cards are a fun activity to do together by the campfire!


Tent camping – DIY campsite ideas and hacks

Camping with foam tiles on the tent floor

19. Tent Camping With Foam Floor Tiles – 50 Campfires

One thing I know is that the dirt floor underneath your tent is not the most comfortable. Tent camping with foam floor tiles is such a wonderful idea! Buy the floor tiles here and check out their YouTube video!

CORE Equipment 12 person instant cabin camping tent

20. Giant Family Camping Tent, sleeps 12 persons – CORE Equipment

This 12-person instant cabin camping tent is like a large living room! The whole family fits in this bad boy.

More camping essentials

Pool noodle emergency DIY toilet

21. Make Your Own Emergency Toilet – Mom With A Prep

How awesome is this DIY toilet? Grab a bucket, a bag, and pool noodle for cushion and you’ve got an instant toilet! Alternatively, you can purchase a pop-up travel toilet, which is great for camping, road trips, and more.

22. How to make a mosquito-repelling citronella jar torches – eHow

Light the night and keep your campsite mosquito-free with these DIY citronella jar torches.

23. 7 Essentials for C.A.M.P.I.N.G. – Housewives of Frederick County

This is a list of some great camping ideas to prepare and spruce up your campsite.

Tent camping with kids

24. 10 Reasons to Take Your Kids Camping This Year – The Homespun Hydrangea

If you’re not yet sold on taking the kids camping with you, here are some great reasons that you totally should!

25. Easy Outdoor Candle Stakes – A Subtle Revelry

These easy-made candle stakes will light the night on your next camping trip.

26. DIY Pocket-Size Oil Lamp – Instructables

This DIY oil lamp is good for when you’re lounging around outdoors. It is pocket-sized, so you can take it wherever you go. We do not recommend bringing this into your tent.

Tips for your next camping trip - tent camping hacks and more

27. 10 Cheap Camping Ideas – Tips for an Inexpensive Camping Trip – Thrifty Jinxy

If you’re on a budget, these cheap camping ideas will go a long way.

28. 10 Must Bring Items for Camping This Summer – Making of a Mom

This is a great list of must-have camping essentials, don’t leave home without them!


Family at KOA Campgrounds, Honey and Lime

Enjoy your family camping trip!

The next time we go camping, we will be all set! I personally love the camping handwashing station and tent floor tile ideas. I hope you have a wonderful camping trip and that you can take advantage of these camping ideas and hacks!

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