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9 of the Best Candy Buffet Ideas for Your Next Party

These are some of the best candy buffet ideas from some of the pros for your next party. Learn how to make your own party candy tables, it’s such cute and sweet party ideas!

The Best Candy Buffet Ideas for Your Next Party

Candy table ideas for parties

Hosting an event? Guests love sweets, and a good candy buffet table can be a hit at any party! This increasingly popular table is a hit at weddings, baby showers, birthday parties, graduation parties, and even just for random entertaining.

Candy and dessert table birthday party or baby shower

Candy buffet ideas for birthday parties & more

There are so many different types of candy tables that the colors, decorations, and ideas are endless! You can go all out with glass vases, pricey candies, elaborate designs, and custom cakes, or even put together a quality candy buffet on a budget.

The Best Candy Buffet Ideas for Your Party

Check out these awesome candy buffet ideas, they double as decoration and service of cakes, cookies, and candies to party guests. Try making your own at your next event with these candy buffet ideas, you can buy supplies here.

Glorious Treats Pink and Green Candy Buffet

Pink and green party table

1. Girly Pink and Green – I love the use of pink and green candies, along with plants and floral arrangements to liven up the table. Lollipops, candy buttons, Sixlets, and rock candy make up this candy buffet.

Rainbow Candy Buffet Amy Atlas

Rainbow candy buffets

2. Colors of the Rainbow – Amy from Amy Atlas events uses color to brighten up this party! I love how she chose various colored candies to make this candy buffet stand out. It looks like light blue is the base color, but you can really choose any type of table cloth you’d like.

Create a candy buffet - Pink and Blue party Candy Buffet

Pink and blue candy for a candy buffet

3. Pink and Blue Cotton Candy – I love this color scheme for a baby shower, you know, the kind where the parents don’t want to know the sex of the baby. Mostly blue gives a bright, yet masculine approach, where the hints of pink soften the look.

Black White Yellow Candy Buffet Aileen Tran

Black and yellow party decor dessert table

4. Black and White, with a hint of Yellow – This one has a bit of vintage flair with the tags and paisley backdrop. I think it’s awesome, the yellow sets it off perfectly! White chocolate pretzels, vanilla cupcakes, vanilla meringues and white almonds create this masterpiece.

Blue Candy Buffet examples

Beautifully blue sweets table

5. Berry Blue Sweets for You – The variety of blue candy makes this buffet table look beautiful! The use of tall blue goblets, a cake as a centerpiece, and tasty-looking donuts with blue sprinkles is sure to be a hit.

Candy buffet ideas - Pastel Outdoor Candy Buffet

Peach and mint candy buffet ideas

6. Pastel Outdoor Candy Buffet – Loving this pastel-colored decor for a backyard affair! Peach and Mint are the base colors used, with hues of yellow and orange inside each bowl. This is so cute and one of my favorite awesome candy buffet ideas for the summer!

Buy candy buffet supplies - Orange and Blue Candy Buffet

Orange and blue candy table ideas

7. Playful Orange and Blue – This fun setup screams kids birthday party! I love the bright orange jelly beans, orange slices, and macarons. The table cloth and cupcake liners also make this candy buffet stand out!

Elegant white ideas for a candy table

8. White Wedding Bliss Candy Buffet – Pure, simple, elegant. This white candy buffet speaks volumes without saying too much. The addition of flowers gives off a slight color pop. Stunning.

Simple purple candy buffet table ideas

9. Pretty in Purple Candy Buffet – Shauna Younge has an eye for creativity, and she shows it on her purple candy buffet table. Most of these treats look homemade, everything matches down to the floral embellishments on the squares. Purple swirl lollipops and paper-wrapped candy bars add a bit more color to the table, I would love to see this table cloth in a darker purple!

Cute pink candy buffet ideas unicorn birthday party

Halloween candy buffet table ideas

10. Hocus Pocus candy bar table


How do I make my own candy buffet?

It’s so easy! Gather the necessary candy buffet supplies, assorted candies in the colors of your choice, a few glass or plastic jars, a matching table cloth, scoops or tongs, colored ribbons, and name labels, and get creative! Look to these candy party table ideas to get some direction.

What is the best candy for a candy buffet table?

In my opinion, small candies and bite-sized items work best for candy buffet displays. Individual candies, such as Skittles, jelly beans, M&M’s, gumballs, individually wrapped mini candies, and other small sweets are great for scooping. If you are adding other treats to your dessert table, we recommend they are also small in size, like mini cupcakes, donut holes, etc. Sometimes, a standard-sized cake is used as a centerpiece, but that should probably be the only large item on the table.

Where to buy candy for your candy buffet

You can purchase the candy from a local or online candy store and plenty of supplies can be found at party stores, dollar stores, or on Amazon. I did a small candy buffet for a friend’s baby shower last year and I found a lot of glass jars and colored ribbon at the dollar store. It was a lot of fun to create using these best candy buffet ideas!

Which of these ideas are your favorite?

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9 of The Best Awesome Candy Buffet Ideas for Your Party - One of the cutest and sweetest party ideas is really catching on, candy buffets! Here are a few of the best awesome candy buffet ideas from some of the pros for your next candy buffet


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