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Brancott Estate Flight Song Wine: Full on Flavor, Light on Calories!

I got the chance to try a tasty, lower calorie white wine, thanks to Influence Central and Brancott Estate Flight Song. I participated in their influencer activation and tried samples, i’ll get a promo item for sharing my thoughts. 


Brancott Estate Flight Song Wines


Do you all remember when I said that I wouldn’t be making any new year resolutions?  Well, I was serious. But I did, however, say that a lifestyle change is what is necessary to change something, whatever it is that you’re unhappy with. Never exercise? Terrible diet? Negative relationships? Addiction? A complete life transformation is required.


Orange and strawberry sangria with white wine


Since I know my affinity for food and wine, I know that a food related resolution would be pointless. The key: moderation. Some of my college besties came to visit, I learned about Brancott Estate Flight Song wines and it was a MUST that we partake! We’re all into keeping healthy, so it was refreshing to be able to make a nice strawberry orange sangria with a wine that is lower in calories, 20% less to be exact! I WILL eat cake. I WILL drink pinot grigio. And now, I won’t feel so bad about it!


Making white strawberry and orange sangria


Did you know that Brancott Estate was the first to plant and create Marlbourough Sauvignon? It changed the wine industry. Flight Song varieties are harvested earlier than other wines, this process results in a full-flavored and complex wine that is naturally 20% lighter in calories. I really did like the Pinot Grigio, also got to try their Sauvignon Blanc, it was crisp, fruity and very tasty. I’ve already finished both bottles, looks like it’s time to stock up for future events. Or for myself. Brancott Estate only makes the Flight Song line in white, I really hope they can do a couple of reds with less calories, that would be perfect! 


Enjoy Brancott Estate Flight Song Wines


New years resolutions are often hard to keep, so just don’t make them! As we get ready to entertain, relax, and vacation in the spring and summer, I will definitely be taking some wine along! With less calories and great taste, Flight Song makes it easier to enjoy a glass, or two, guilt-free. Visit Brancott Estate online to learn more, and follow along with them on Facebook and Twitter for fun updates. No new year resolution needed!


Which variety of Brancott Estates wine would you love to try?


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