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This Easy DIY Easter PEEPS Wreath Is The Cutest I’ve Ever Seen!

We love this colorful DIY Easter PEEPS wreath, an easy and beautiful DIY spring wreath craft. Try making it at home for an adorable Easter Sunday decoration!

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Since Easter is around the corner, we decided to get a little crafty and made a DIY Easter PEEPS® wreath! It’s so simple to do, and kids can get in on the fun and make their own. Here is an easy spring wreath that I made, check out the Easter wreath pictures and how to make it below…

Making a DIY Easter Bunny PEEPS Wreath

How To Make A DIY Easter PEEPS Wreath

You will need:

How to make an Easter PEEPS Wreath

This wreath was super easy to make. First, hot glue one end of your ribbon to your wreath. Slowly wrap the ribbon around your wreath, all the way around until it covers up the entire thing. Dot glue as you go to be sure that it is completely secure, making sure tat you only dot glue onto one side consistently, it will be the back side. Note, I used a 12-inch wreath from Michael’s, which needed two spools of 1-1/2 inch ribbon.

To make the hanger, measure out the ribbon to the desired length and cut a piece off. Pull it through the top of your wreath and match the ends to glue. Also, to secure the hanger, dot glue onto the top of the wreath where the hanger will sit and evenly press into place.

Now it’s time to glue on your PEEPS® bunnies! I started from the bottom and glued each bunny on in color order, turning the wreath as I went along. Each bunny should be touching each other for consistency around the wreath to prevent gaps. In all, I used about 28 PEEPS® bunnies, I love how it turned out!

DIY Easter PEEPS Wreath

Thanks to PEEPS® for sending out an assortment of Easter themed marshmallows for this DIY Easter PEEPS wreath! This was such a fun and easy craft, if you are looking for Easter peep ideas, this is a good one! Buy a couple of smaller wreaths for the kids, some extra supplies, and a bottle of school glue for safety. Have fun!

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