I Took Salsa Dancing Lessons With The Dancing With The Stars Cast + Tonight’s Episode!

I got the chance to meet the Dancing With The Stars cast, and they gave me a salsa dancing lesson! Thanks so much to Disney and ABC for the amazing experience, catch the video and tonight’s DWTS episode info below!

Salsa dancing lesson with the Dancing with the Stars cast

We love Dancing with the Stars!

What do you do when you’re in a dance studio with some amazing professional dancers from Dancing With The Stars? YOU SALSA! While I was in Los Angeles with Disney for the Guardians of the Galaxy, we got the chance to visit a dance studio and learn a little routine from the Dancing With The Stars cast members! This was such a surreal experience, I have been watching the show for quite a while and I even attended the DWTS semi-finals a couple of years ago.

Dancing with the Stars cast members Brittany Cherry, Britt Stewart, Hayley Erbert, Brandon Armstrong, Alan Bersten, Artur Adamski

Dancing With The Stars dance lesson, Deanna Underwood

Dancing With The Stars dance lesson in Los Angeles, CA

OMG I really danced with the Dancing With The Stars cast!

Now let me just say that I am not a wonderful dancer by any means. I can freestyle all day, but when it comes to the choreographed “5-6-7-8” things get quite a bit tricky! My group had Hayley Erbert as our personal dance instructor, and she taught us each of the moves at a slow pace. When we put them together, it was so fast-paced and lots of fun! Watch the video below and try some of the steps at home, we really had a great time. Here are a few photos of me and some of the dance troupe members, they dance throughout the show and are used as stand-in’s and subs when needed. They are truly a valuable asset to the show!

Salsa with the Dancing with the Stars cast, Brandon Armstrong

With Brandon Armstrong

Salsa with the Dancing with the Stars cast, Hayley Erbert, Brittany Cherry

With Hayley Erbert and Brittany Cherry

Salsa with the Dancing with the Stars cast, Britt Stewart

With Britt Stewart

Someone also recorded a video of our little dance number, this will be the first and probably LAST time you’ll see me post a video of myself dancing! Hayley is leading the group, and look for me on the right hand side.

Don’t miss Dancing With The Stars, Mondays at 8pm EST on ABC!

Don’t miss tonight’s episode! There are eight remaining celebrities along with some of the professional dancers on the Dancing with the Stars cast who will dance to some of the top songs from popular boy bands and girl groups throughout history (think N’SYNC, Destiny’s Child, The Beach Boys), and it’s men against women tonight! Dancing with the Stars will air live on Monday, April 24, 2017 at 8pm EST on ABC! When the show finishes, make sure you cast your vote for your favorite dancers here: http://dwtsvote.abc.go.com/

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Travel, lodging, and consideration provided by Disney.

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