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Eczema Flare Up In The Winter? Here’s How To Combat It…

Does your eczema flare up in the winter? The cold weather seems to do that to lots of us, especially our kids! I am partnering with Know Your OTC’s to show you how to combat it. Don’t suffer dry, itchy skin any longer!

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Bundle up! Most places across the country are experiencing some rough winter storms this year, even here in San Diego. We are definitely feeling the cold, and this means that we’re seeing more and more eczema flare ups. I can see dry patches on my daughters legs only during the winter months, and it is driving her insane! She scratches them like crazy, and it seems like there’s no end. Experts are seeing increases in eczema in more and more kids, a whole 5-8% in a decades time!

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It’s important to know that eczema primarily affects kids, and here’s why: A recent study suggests at least 10% of children in the US suffer from eczema and it is the “rash that itches” because a patch gets started, and a child can’t help but itch it – so it spreads faster. Sound familiar? Because it sure does to me. It’s common for eczema to flare up in the winter, and we have a few tips to share to help you combat the dry skin and itch!

Eczema Flare Up In The Winter? Here’s How To Combat It…

Use sunscreen daily – I know that we’re not seeing much of the sun, but it’s rays are still there! It is very important to continue to apply sunscreen daily to your face, and other exposed skin. UV rays are still out in full force, specially when they reflect off of the snow.

Keep skin moisturized – Dry skin can be pretty painful, so it’s important to keep it extra moisturized through the winter months. There are different moisturizers, creams, and ointments to use, dependent upon the severity of your dry skin. Be sure to use the right product, and read the labels carefully before applying. Using a humidifier in your child’s room is another way to help keep skin moist and prevent nose bleeds.

Take shorter showers and baths – There’s truly nothing like a good, hot shower, but it is terrible for dry, cracked skin. Take shorter showers/baths and moisturize immediately after patting skin dry.

Stay hydrated – Drink plenty of water daily to keep the body and skin hydrated form the inside. Dehydrated skin can start to sag, so this is a really important tip.

Eczema flare up in the winter, Know Your OTCs dry winter skin infographic

Make sure you talk to your doctor about you or your child’s winter eczema for combating these dry months, and how you can avoid flare ups. In case of an eczema flare up in the winter, Know Your OTC’s has a great winter skin care guide that can help you treat dry skin at home. As with all over the counter products, be sure to read the label thoroughly to ensure safe and proper use.

How do you combat your dry winter skin?

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