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Sparkling and Sweet Raspberry Peach Prosecco Punch Recipe

This homemade adult raspberry peach Prosecco punch recipe is sparkling, sweet, and perfect for your spring and summer soirees! You’ll love this Prosecco and raspberry cocktail.

This raspberry peach Prosecco punch recipe looks so good - a delicious sweet and sparkling cocktail that I am totally makeing for my spring and summer events!

A Prosecco cocktail to love

Raspberries and peaches and Prosecco, OH MY! I love trying new cocktail combinations, and this one is such a treat! Santa Margherita, the maker of several spectacular wines, created this simple bubbly Prosecco cocktail recipe with frozen raspberries and peach nectar, so you can enjoy it year-round. The taste of raspberries and peaches just remind me of the summer months, and I can’t wait to try this!

Savor the flavors of raspberry and peach

Try out this sparkling raspberry peach Prosecco punch recipe using their Italian Santa Margherita’s Prosecco Superiore DOCG (we also love this cinnamon orange blossom cocktail recipe, it uses Santa Margherita Prosecco as well). This Prosecco is a sparkling wine with a clean, pleasantly fruity bouquet, reminiscent of crisp apples and peach blossom. This is definitely a cocktail I would love to enjoy at spring and summer parties and events!

Raspberry peach punch with Prosecco cocktail recipe

Raspberry Peach Prosecco Punch

serves 10

fresh raspberries fruit

How to make this raspberry peach cocktail

  1. Place frozen raspberries in a large glass pitcher or bowl. If you have fresh raspberries, give them a little time in the freezer before you add them.
  2. Top the raspberries with the peach nectar and slowly add the bottle of Santa Margherita Prosecco Superiore DOCG.
  3. Fill remainder of the pitcher with ice cubes. To prevent watering down the recipe, you can also pre-freeze some peach slices and extra raspberries in place of some of the ice cubes. Stir and serve cold. After a while, chill in the refrigerator to keep the cocktail punch cool.

A flavorful peach Prosecco cocktail

Bubbly, sweet, and slightly tart, this raspberry peach Prosecco punch recipe will be a hit this summer! I think I’ll try this recipe with muddled fresh raspberries instead of just popping frozen ones into the pitcher, I feel like it would change the flavor profile just a tad bit. Raspberries and peaches are two of my favorite fruits, so I am thrilled to drink this year-round. Try this simple Prosecco and raspberry cocktail recipe at home, it’s like an adult punch that you’ll love!

Prosecco raspberry peach cocktail - a sparkling and sweet adult drink!

What are your favorite Prosecco cocktail recipes?

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*Thanks for providing this recipe, Santa Margherita!

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