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3 Excursions in Puerto Rico To Try On Your Family Vacation

These excursions in Puerto Rico were the best activities we did during our vacation! Your next visit to the all-star island will be so much fun thanks to these Puerto Rico tourism tips and things to do!

3 Excursions in Puerto Rico to Try On Your Family Vacation | things to do in Puerto Rico | San Juan excursions | San Juan Puerto Rico excursions |

The best Puerto Rico family vacation

Are you looking for a family vacation spot that has beautiful weather, gorgeous beaches, delectable cuisine, and plenty of history and adventure?   The all-star island of Puerto Rico is the place! Located off the East coast of the U.S. in the Caribbean Sea, Puerto Rico is the perfect destination for the whole family this year.

With so many things to see and experience, you’ll enjoy a luxury vacation that will create memories to last a lifetime. The best part: U.S. citizens don’t need a passport and they use the U.S. dollar as their currency, so hop on a plane and go explore!

Visit Puerto Rico family vacation - The All-Star Island

Explore Puerto Rico

I got the chance to visit Puerto Rico last year with my sister. We stayed on the Northside of the island in Isla Verde, a tourist area that is close to the main airport, Old San Juan, and other attractions. The language spoken most is Spanish, but many of the locals in the tourist areas can speak English without issue. We were able to experience so many great sights and activities, lounging on the beach, splashing around in our resorts’ pool, exploring the old city, hiking the rainforest, and snorkeling in the crystal blue waters we’re all so relaxing, and fun!

With 270 miles of stunning coastline around, I see why the Travel Channel rated Flamenco Beach in Culebra, Puerto Rico as one of the top 10 in the world! There are beauty and adventure everywhere you turn. Here are my top 3 excursions in Puerto Rico that you simply can’t miss while you’re there.

Stairway to nowhere. This is in Puerto Rico, El Yunque Rainforest, La Mina Falls Trail

3 Excursions in Puerto Rico To Try On Your Family Vacation

Catamaran Boats float on turquoise waters on Icacos Island, Puerto Rico

1.  Catamaran and Snorkeling at Icacos Island

Some sort of water excursion in Puerto Rico is a must, and snorkeling is perfect! Take a short trip to Fajardo and board a 50-foot catamaran that whisks you to a small, uninhabited Icacos Island. There, you’ll slide off into the turquoise waters and snorkel around the boat.

There were beautiful, brightly colored fish all over the place! We stopped in two spots, one was shallow, and the other, deep. It was so awesome to jump right into the water, float over the top, and look down at the ocean below. The crew was great, very safe, and helpful. Snorkel gear, masks, and life vests are provided, this is great for kids and adults who can swim, or aren’t afraid of the open water.

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La Mina Falls, El Yunque Forest, Puerto Rico

2. Waterfall hike through El Yunque Rain Forest

Did you know that Puerto Rico has the only rainforest in the entire U.S. National Forest System? El Yunque Forest is gorgeous in its own right, and one of the top things to do in Puerto Rico is to hike there. We took one of the easier hikes through it, down to La Mina waterfall. You start by hiking down the mountain, splash around in the waterfall, and then take the strenuous hike back up. I highly recommend this tour for able-bodied, adventurous families!

El Yunque National Forest delves through the mountains on the eastern end of the island, it‚Äôs quite tall and you can¬†drive for a while on the windy mountain roads and find lots of different areas and viewpoints to stop at. The place is truly tropical, there is an abundance of greenery, wildlife, rivers and waterfalls, and insects. The scenery is amazing, unlike anything you‚Äôll see here in the states.”

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Colorful buildings in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

3. Day walks through Old San Juan

This is a must-do, a day-walk through one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen is perfect for everyone in the family. This is one of the more low-key San Juan Puerto Rico excursions.

Old San Juan is a small area in the city that has preserved its original architecture. Its cobblestone streets, colorful buildings, and fortresses have all been molded with a Spanish flair, they are absolutely stunning! Old San Juan is full of stuff to do, explore the area by visiting one of the many cultural museums, trying the local foods, shopping, enjoying the nightlife, and visiting the two fortresses, National historic structures that were built to defend the island.” There are many tour companies that provide this and similar excursions in Puerto Rico.

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Old San Juan Cemetery and Grass Area, Puerto Rico

There are so many amazing things to do in Puerto Rico!

Puerto Rico has everything you want in a vacation, I cannot wait to return and do a few of the things we missed out on! Next time, I want to take a night kayaking tour in the glowing Bioluminescent Bay, go horseback riding along the beach, take a Rum tour, and snorkel at Playa Tamarindo where the sea turtles roam.

Sea turtle and snorkeling in Puerto Rico excursion

Live your own 5-star vacation story in Puerto Rico, there’s really no other place that is so close to the United States, easy to travel to, and that’s this gorgeous!¬†With so many places to explore, there’s something that everyone will love.¬†Follow @PRTourismCo on Twitter¬†and¬†Like on Facebook¬†for updates and inspiration to plan your trip.

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