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A Historic Walk In Old San Juan Puerto Rico

Let’s take a historic walk in Old San Juan Puerto Rico. This beautiful island paradise in the Caribbean lives and breathes culture, architecture, vibrance, and unmatched beauty.

Things to do in Puerto Rico, Walking Photo Tour of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Exploring Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Remember how I told y’all that I had to get away? Well, I did, and Puerto Rico was the destination. If you’re in need of a getaway to a tropical paradise that’s nearby, this is the destination – looks like it’s time to take a walk in Old San Juan! It is super easy to travel to Puerto Rico, it’s a U.S. Territory and no passport is required. The main language is Spanish, but most of the locals speak English so there are not very many language barriers.

Old San Juan is a small area in the city that has preserved its original architecture. Its cobblestone streets, colorful buildings, and fortresses have all been molded with a Spanish flair, they are absolutely stunning! Old San Juan is full of stuff to do, explore the area by visiting one of the many cultural museums, trying the local foods, shopping, enjoying the nightlife, and visiting the two fortresses, National historic structures that were built to defend the island.

Buildings in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Check out my photos, you can virtually experience the beauty of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, and dream of visiting one day! Here’s a look down one of the streets. The first thing I noticed on my walk around San Juan Puerto Rico were the intricate details on the buildings, I love it!

Pictures of Old San Juan Puerto Rico

Cobblestone street in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

A latte from Cafe Cuatro Sombras. The espresso was nice and strong at this boutique coffee shop, it’s a Trip Advisor favorite!

Coffee Mocha Latte Heart Art - Cafe Cuatros Sombras

This is the view over the ocean near the cemetery on the open El Morro grass field. People are flying kites, tons of them.

Old San Juan pictures - Cemetery and Grass Area, Puerto Rico

Lovely bright colorful buildings in Old San Juan give the city its flair!

Colorful buildings in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Hotel Normandie. I think it’s closed, but it’s an iconic structure in the area.

Normandie, Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Standing at Castillo San Felipe del Morro Fortress, you can look out over the coast of Old San Juan for a spectacular view. When you walk in Old San Juan Puerto Rico, you definitely won’t miss this!

Old San Juan photos - View from Castillo San Felipe del Morro Fortress

Old San Juan, Puerto Rico buildings

I love this door, it’s painted like the Puerto Rican flag. You can tell that it’s old and worn, the sense of pride in the locals is wonderful!

Puerto Rican Flag Door, Old San Juan Puerto Rico pictures

Police bikes parked in San Juan. Most of the police vehicles I saw said “policia” in Spanish. These were the only ones I saw that were in English.

San Juan Police Department motorcycles

These wooden doors with cast iron bars looked like they were out of a movie. A classic look that I love!

Wooden doors on an orange building, San Juan, Puerto Rico

What do you love about San Juan, Puerto Rico?

Old San Juan is such a beautiful city, I can’t wait to go back! Visit Discover Puerto Rico to learn more about it and all of its natural beauty, tropical atmosphere, and many other attractions on this All-Star Island. We also did some fun excursions in Puerto Rico when we visited, it was truly a blast. I hope you get a chance to visit!

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  • We will be in SJJ in 2 weeks. I love this door!!!!!!!!!! Where in Old San Juan is it located? That would make a great place to take one of my daughter’s senior pictures there.

  • I can’t wait to visit Old San Juan. I will be going there this Saturday to go on a cruise. So happy we will have time to spend there.

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