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Soar and Fly at Jump Around Now Trampoline and Adventure Park!

Kids at Jump Around Now San Diego


Look at these two. I took this picture right as they were climbing out of the foam pit. So excited to try out a new adventure, having so much fun with all of that energy! Their faces lit up with delight when we walked into Jump Around Now, a new trampoline and adventure park here in San Diego that has something great for the whole family!


Jump Around Now Trampoline and Adventure Park, San Diego, CA



Jump Around Now is truly an adventurous kids’ – and adults’ paradise! This is not your ordinary indoor trampoline park, but something fun and exciting that will give thrill seekers a great time. The 32,000 square foot facility is located in Chula Vista (San Diego area), Southern California, and includes custom, state-of-the-art attractions such as a gigantic 12,000 sq. ft. trampoline, a rope skywalk bridge that surrounds the whole facility, bungee jumpers, multiple wall climbing elements, a dodgeball court, and more high flying fun!


Jump, Flip, SOAR!


Here are a few photos of Jump Around Now, we had such a great time!


Large trampoline at Jump Around Now

This is the main trampoline area, it’s 12,000 square feet of jumping space that has the floor and walls covered with bouncy trampoline material!


Kids on the floor bungee jumping at Jump Around Now

These two kids were having a blast on the bungee jumpers. Apparently, you can soar 25 feet into the air on these secure attraction, an air bounce landing is below. My kids chickened out on this one!


Jump Around Now, San Diego, CA

This is a shot of the lower floor, which houses the climbers. Some people were making it all the way to the top!


Climbing twister wall, Jump Around Now Adventure Park


This climber is called the Twister. It’s sort of like stairs, but there’s a twist on the way up. Kinda like rock climbing.


Suspension bridge and slide at Jump Around Now Trampoline Park

The only way that you can access this tall slide is by braving the Skywalk. It starts on the other side of the building and is the ultimate must do for thrill seekers! Guests are fastened into a safety harness and must navigate their way through tight ropes, ladders, and rope bridges before sliding into the pit of foam. I really wanted to do this, but I had my 3 year old to watch. I am doing it next time!


Trampoline basketball court at Jump Around Now


A little aerial basketball fun at the trampoline basketball court.


Kids at Jump Around Now, San Diego, CA


My kids were testing the ladder, they fell pretty much every time!


Kid climbing the stairway cylinders at Jump Around Now, Chula Vista



We had such a great time! We’ll definitely be back, it’s a bit pricey at $18 er hour so I do recommend taking advantage of the discounts. If you’re family is the adventurous type, visit Jump Around Now online to learn more, they have a bunch of party rooms and packages that you’ll love, trust me! There’s a cafe, candy for the kiddos, and a seating area, and the atmosphere is fun and upbeat. My kids had a blast, and so did I! 


Looking for things to do with kids in San Diego, look no further!


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