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Finding The Time: Balancing a Busy Life of Family, Work and Self


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Beautiful happy girl enjoying her soup


Would you look at this happy little girl? All smiles. As a parent, that’s really what I strive for. Happiness, for her, and for me. A part of that means being able to support her in all that she does, in school, at her swimming lessons and other activities, providing the best foods, a positive, nourishing environment and spending quality family time. But then, there’s also ME. My health. My job. My travels. My slightly non-existent social life. My sleep.


This family-work-life balance thing can get tricky.


For us, family time is in the evening and mostly on weekends. After school and work, we really only have a couple of hours before bed time, which is typically filled with homework, bath time and preparing for the day ahead. But ahhh, the weekend!


Campbell's Organic Kids FROZEN Soup


This weekend was jam packed with sports. We woke up early, went to my son’s baseball¬†practice, and by the time we got home and sat down for a minute, it was lunch time. My daughter, being the huge Disney’s FROZEN fan that she is, wanted to try¬†this Campbell’s¬ģ Organic Kids Soup. Made with certified organic ingredients, these soups are preservative free and provide a quick way to make a warm and hearty lunch for my kids!


Girl taking a bite of her Campbell's soup


Mommy, look it’s a princess crown!” She was excited, no doubt. We sat together, at the table, and enjoyed a meal, discovering the shaped noodles and fishing for carrots. I make sure to serve lunch with a fresh fruit or vegetable each time, my little girl chose grapes.


At this moment, as I looked into my daughter’s eyes and watched her enjoy her soup, I realized that all it takes is to BE PRESENT. Present at work, present at the gym, present at your kids open house at school, and present on a coffee date. The afternoon web meeting, the baseball game, dinner time at the table together, and the¬†weekend night family time with¬†board games and ice cream.¬†Give your all and be present in the current moment. ¬† And it’s not easy.


Princess crown shaped noodles in Campbell's FROZEN Organic Soup for Kids


It’s going to take me a while, but I have been able to take a close look at each moment and really LIVE IN IT. That’s progress, y’all. I have my own life, my kids have their lives,¬†but we don’t necessarily have to make our lives revolve entirely around each other. ¬† Here’s what I constantly remind myself, you can try this too… ¬† Give 100% to the things you’re doing now. Be present in the present. Don’t stress over the things you cannot control. Ask for help, whenever you need it. Keep a schedule, plan and prepare everything. Be ready for the¬†impromptu, go¬†with the flow.


Meal time is family time.


There’s nothing like sharing a meal together, and I am thankful for Campbell’s¬ģ Soups and their other innovative products that help me get a nutritious meal on the table in a hurry. Whether it’s evenings after school or a lazy Sunday afternoon, we have warm, hearty options at our fingertips. Oh, and soup from the Keurig?! YES!


Beautiful happy girl enjoying her soup


If you have a Disney’s FROZEN lover in your house, keep an eye out for this new Campbell’s¬ģ Organic Kids soup carton! Serve with a side salad, some fruit, or use it in a recipe.¬†There are lots of¬†Delicious Campbell recipes¬†to try, which include lots of favorites for breakfast, lunch and dinner. For more inspiration, follow along with @Campbells¬†on Twitter and Like the Campbell’s Facebook page!


Balance life and enjoy the moments that matter.


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