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Free Printable Road Trip Photo Scavenger Hunt

Looking for fun ideas to make family vacations a little less stressful? I am partnering with Best Buy to share tips on how to make it easier to travel with the whole family, we love this free printable road trip photo scavenger hunt idea!

Road Trips photo scavenger hunt photo

Travel scavenger hunt printable

Are you planning taking any fun family trips anytime soon? If so, the time to start looking and booking is NOW. There are so many things that go into the planning and preparation of a family trip that it feels like I need a vacation from my vacation! If a road trip is in the cards, keep the kids busy in the car with our free printable road trip photo scavenger hunt.

Family Road Trip

Tech meets family travel photos

The last thing we need as parents are to feel frazzled and stressed while we’re traveling. Whether you’re flying your family across the Pacific, taking a road trip to ski in the mountains, or hopping on a cruise ship to sail through the Caribbean, don’t fret! There is a great resource that has a few good tips that I plan to use for our next vacation. We road trip often, and I’ve found that Best Buy’s Family Travel Tips site is the place to go for tech-related travel tips and ideas for the whole family.

Print our free printable road trip photo scavenger hunt

One of my personal favorite travel tips on their site has got to be this idea to put together a family travel photo scavenger hunt! Print out a couple of road trip photo scavenger hunt sheets and bring along your cameras, smartphones, and tablets to snap away! If you’re up for it, make it a competition so that the kids aren’t thinking about how long it’s taking or how hungry they are. Have them take photos of items as they find them and cross them off on the list. What a great way to battle the inevitable “are we there yet” syndrome!


Road Trips photo scavenger hunt photo
Make your family trips easier. I am thankful for the ideas on Best Buy’s Family Travel Tips site, stop by and check it out for your next family vacation. In addition to the inspiration to create the road trip scavenger hunt, I also like their idea to set up a middle-of-nowhere movie theater! If you are in it for the long haul, try making these DIY tablet holders for long car rides.

Family Travel Road Trips

Have a wonderful, stress-free family vacation!

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  • That’s a pretty cool idea! This way the kids will be preoccupied with completing the hunt rather than whine at the length of the trip. Have you tried this with your kids?

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