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Pumpkin Stained Glass Tissue Paper Craft for Kids

Learn how to make this cute pumpkin stained glass tissue paper craft, a super fun fall projects for kids! Hang in the window and watch the light come through your pumpkin suncatcher.

Pumpkin suncatchers craft - a cute tissue paper pumpkin craft

Pumpkin Stained Glass Tissue Paper Craft

I don’t know about you all, but I am so excited for the cooler weather and falling leaves that the season of FALL brings! We’ve got a fun Fall pumpkin craft today that is perfect for preschool and kinder-aged kids (there are a lot more fun fall crafts for kids here). Learn how to create stained glass tissue paper pumpkins, the perfect Fall home decor to hang in the window!

Stained glass pumpkins, cute for Fall and Halloween home decor

Tissue Paper Pumpkin Suncatcher Craft

Materials needed:

Make your stained glass pumpkin

To get started with this pumpkin stained glass tissue paper craft, cut your tissue paper into even squares. Use lots of orange, make it the vast majority. The white squares are just accents. Pull off a piece of wax paper that is double the length of your desired canvas. Fold it in half and use the inside of one half of the canvas.

How to make stained glass pumpkins craft

Glue down tissue paper squares

Cut out your printable tracing pumpkins stencil and trace lightly around each one onto the wax paper. Smear your glue all over each pumpkin outline and start gluing down your tissue squares at random. Be sure to glue tissue a little outside of the edge of the pumpkin outline and overlap all tissue squares so that all of the wax paper is completely covered in the entirety of the pumpkin.

My paper was a nice length so I did both stained glass tissue paper pumpkins on one. Here’s how it looks…

How to make stained glass tissue paper pumpkins, glue on the tissue squares

Once all tissue squares are in place, gently dot glue on top of the tissue paper squares and fold the top of your wax paper down to cover it. Seal and smooth it down evenly and allow at least 1 hour to dry.

Making pumpkin suncatchers, tracing pumpkin stencil to be cut out

Trace your pumpkin stencil

When it’s nice and dry inside, trace your pumpkin stencil once again right on top of the tissue paper area, cut out the pumpkin shape and hang your stained glass pumpkins in a window. You can use clear double-sided tape or roll a piece of tape backward. Let the sunshine through!

Pumpkin suncatcher craft - A cute Halloween craft and DIY stained glass window decoration

Have fun making these stained glass pumpkins!

I love how these cute pumpkin suncatchers turned out, we also did a St. Patrick’s Day stained glass shamrocks craft last year and I thought it would be super cute to do for Halloween. The sunlight shines through and really looks like it’s stained glass, enjoy making this pumpkin stained glass tissue paper craft with your family!

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Stained Glass Tissue Paper Pumpkins, A Cute Fall Craft for Kids!


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