DIY Crafts for Kids

21 Fun and Easy Fall Crafts for Kids – We Love These Ideas!

These easy fall crafts for kids are perfect for getting creative this season. Celebrate the colors of autumn with some of the best DIY fall craft ideas.

21 Fun and Easy Fall Crafts for Kids - We Love These Fall Kids Crafts and Art Project Ideas!

DIY fall crafts that kids love

It’s September, the beginning of the new Autumn season. We just love these hands-on fall crafts for kids, time to bust out the paints, glue, and scissors, and create something fun in the spirit of autumn!

Kids love to create and making fun fall crafts is a wonderful way to do so. Not only is crafting good for kids learning and motor skills, but it is also a fun way to decorate your house this fall for cheap!

Scarecrow Paper Plate Craft for Fall

photo: Finding Zest

21 Fun and Easy Fall Crafts for Kids

The fall season is a great time to get crafty indoors with the kids. As the leaves begin to fall, collect them, and make something fun out of them! Below is a round-up of a few of my favorite fall crafts that kids of all ages will love making. Try them out and enjoy!

DIY fall leaves wreath craft for kids

1. Fall Leaves Wreath Craft – We are sharing this fun and inexpensive paper plate fall leaf wreath, a beautiful decoration that is fun to make.

2. Fall Fingerprint Tree – Cute little hand and fingerprints make this colorful tree. Kiwi Crate shows preschoolers how to celebrate the coming of Autumn.

3. Paper Strip Pumpkin – She Saved shares this cute paper pumpkin, all you need is paper, tape, scissors, and a toilet paper roll! Such a fun fall craft for kids.

4. Edible acorns craft – Our friends over at The Simple Parent made these cute and edible acorns with chocolate candies and mini peanut butter cookies.

Leaf suncatchers for fall

photo: The Best Ideas for Kids

5. Leaf Suncatcher craft – Make these fun fall leaf decorations to put in your window.

6. Stained Glass Tissue Paper Pumpkins – Let the sun shine through these cute window decorations! All you need are orange tissue paper squares and a few simple items to make this fun pumpkin craft.

7. Pumpkin apple stamps painting – Homeschool Preschool created pumpkin stamps out of apples! This is a fun apple craft for little ones to add faces to their pumpkin paintings.

Fall Crafts, Turkey and Scarecrow

8. Pine Cone Turkey – Take a walk in your neighborhood and grab a few fallen pine cones for this craft from Projects for Preschoolers. Cute and easy Thanksgiving decoration!

9. Stained Glass Tissue Paper Fall Leaves – Hang these suncatchers in the window and catch gorgeous rays of the sun with this stained glass leaf craft. These would make cute Fall window decorations.

10. Popsicle Stick Scarecrow Craft – Mrs. Jackson’s Class has a few cute crafts, I love how this scarecrow turned out! No instructions here, but you can get creative with your paint and popsicle sticks.

Handprint tree fall craft

11. Fall handprint tree – This cute handprint fall tree craft uses fall-colored construction paper and makes a cute and creative fall kids project!

More fun fall craft ideas for kids

Fall and Thanksgiving Crafts

12. Fall Leaves Turkey Craft – MJ and I made this fun turkey craft last year, he loved it! We found a bunch of leaves and made a cute little Thanksgiving turkey fall leaf craft.

13. Halloween Paper Lanterns – Love these Fall/Halloween paper lanterns from ikat bag! Fun to decorate your home or a Halloween party.

14. Scarecrow pudding cups craft – Make these fun and edible scarecrows out of pudding cups!

15. Fall Candy Bracelets – The craft you can eat! Pick your favorite Fall candies and create this wearable treat. Little Nummies shows you how to make these bracelets that even older kids like.

Scrapbook Paper Confetti Pumpkins

photo: As the Bunny Hops

16. Scrapbook paper confetti pumpkins – My friend Amy made some really cute decorated scrapbook paper pumpkins. No need to do any carving with this fall craft for kids!

17. Button pumpkin craft – Make a fall pumpkin craft out of your favorite orange buttons!

18. Scarecrow paper plate craft – Emily over at Finding Zest made a really cute paper plate scarecrow, such a fun fall kids craft to try!

Glitter glue leaves craft art project

19. Glitter glue leaves craft – Collect fallen leaves outside and create this beautiful glitter leaf art project.

20. Pumpkin salt painting – this pumpkin painting craft is cute for toddlers and up and combines art and science to make a cute pumpkin!

21. Pine cone owls craft – this cute fall art project uses pine cones in various sizes to create cute little owls!

Paper Pumpkin Craft

Which kids fall crafts for kids are your favorite?

Sip hot cocoa by the fire and try some of these easy fall crafts this year and get into the spirit of the autumn season. We hope you enjoy the cool weather and have found a fall kids’ craft idea you love!

More fun this fall…

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  • This post is great! I remember doing so many of these crafts in school and at home when I was little! It really brings back memories. I cant wait to do the arm print and finger print tree painting with my kids, and my favorite was always the Stained Glass Tissue paper Wreath:) I think my kids would like to do the pine cone turkey, and they would all make great gifts for grandparents, and other family members.

  • i LOVE the hand/arm print tree! so clever! i am having a halloween party for the kids in the family and the pumpkin or lanterns would be a great activity we could do. thank you so much for sharing!

  • I love the Turkey Pinecone and the Paper Pumpkin, I need to make some of those with my 3 year old for Harvest Decor! Thank you! 🙂

  • These are all so cute, but I like the Wreath, Paper Pumpkin & Scarecrow best. And I know these are for kids- but I’d make these myself. I guess I’m a Big Kid! : )

  • I love growing TickleMe Plant in the fall in the classroom. It is the one plant that makes everyone smile when they Tickle it!

  • Another fun fall idea is to grow a pet TickleMe Plant and watch how the leaves fold together like crazy when you Tickle it. Minutes later the leaves re-open.
    See video….It may change the way you look at plants forever!

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