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Educational Fall Crafts for Kids: We Love This Fall Leaves Sight Words Tree!

Our sight word fall leaves tree is one of the top educational fall crafts for kids. Create your own fall art project by making a tree with autumn leaves, and learn fall sight words along the way!

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Make this sight word fall leaves tree!

I don’t know about you all, but I am so delighted that the fall season is rearing it’s head! This is one of my favorite times of the year, and we have a fun educational fall craft to celebrate. This fun fall art project combines creativity with sight words, and it is a fun way to have kids crafting and learning some of their sight words at the same time. We love this fall leaves sight words tree, it is so fun and one of our favorite fall educational activities for kids!

Educational Fall Crafts for Kids: Fall Leaves Sight Words Tree

Here’s how to make your own sight word fall leaves tree, project instructions provided by

Celebrate the fiery colors of fall with a charming tree and a pile of wordy leaves. Once completed, your child will have a vocabulary activity bursting with seasonal charm and fun fall words.

Materials needed:

  • White poster board
  • Scissors
  • Brown marker
  • fall chalk colors (Red, orange, yellow, brown)
  • Fall vocabulary and sight words (choose these based upon your child’s grade level)

Fall art project materials

Let’s make a fall leaves tree with sight words!

  1. Begin this fall tree craft by having your child use a brown marker to draw a tree on the white poster board.
  2. Cut the tree out of the poster board, making sure none of the branches accidentally get cut off.
  3. Let your child use red, yellow, orange and brown chalk to scribble all over the rest of the poster board. The colors should blend, so urge her to overlap each shade. If you don’t have chalk, try using different colors of construction paper for the leaves.
  4. Have your child cut out twenty football-shaped leaves from the colored poster board (or construction paper).
  5. Let her write one word each from her fall vocabulary list on ten of the leaves.
  6. Write ten other words that have nothing to do with fall on the remaining leaves. Don’t let her see these words!
  7. Spread out all the leaves on the table.
  8. Have your child select only the fall words from the pile.
  9. As she picks each word, ask her to define it.
  10. Keep going until the tree is filled with vibrant fall leaves!

Fall leaves sight word tree, fun autumn activities for kids

Education fall crafts for kids are a lot of fun, and this fall leaves sight words tree is a blast to make! You can try this in an elementary classroom or a preschool and allow each child to add a word, or even make this fall themed art project as a home school activity. Sending a huge thanks too for sharing this activity with us, happy autumn crafting! Find more fall crafts for kids here, and try making your own stained glass tissue paper pumpkins!

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