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Gotta Get Away: 12 Photos of Curacao Island in the Caribbean

These photos of Curacao Island show what a beautiful Caribbean destination it truly is! Take a look at some of the fun things we did on our trip to Curacao in the Caribbean.

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Vacationing on the lovely island of Curacao

The Caribbean is a wonderful place, the sea, the sand, the climate, it’s just glorious. One of my favorite islands to visit, which I believe doesn’t get enough credit, is Curacao.

Curacao, iconic, colorful buildings in Willemstad

Visit the island of Curacao, A Caribbean paradise

Curacao is a Dutch island off the north coast of South America. It’s deep south in the Caribbean waters, and one of the ABC islands (Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao). The water is warm, the cuisine is heavenly, the people are so friendly, and the way of life moves slow and serene. I’ve gotta go back.

Images of Curacao Island

I visited Curacao with friends a couple of years back during Carnaval, I can’t wait to take the kids! Until then, I’ll bask in the sunshine and marvel at the ocean in these photos we took.

We hope you enjoy these photos of Curacao Island, it was such a wonderful trip and we truly can’t wait to return.

Path to the ocean from the Hyatt Hotel in Curacao

We stayed at the Hyatt Hotel in Curacao (soon to be a Sandals Resort). It is a very cute property that is right on the ocean. Some of the photos are from the resort, like the walking path to the beach above and the kayaks below.

Curacao, kayaks ready for the taking at the Hyatt Hotel private beach
Wildlife roams freely here on the island. This iguana was perched on the rocks near the beach.

Curacao, a wild iguana sits still and watches us closely

We walked across the Queen Emma Bridge, Willemstad, Curacao.

Curacao, Queen Emma bridge at Willemstad

Carnaval in Curacao is such an amazing experience!

Curacao Island Carnaval in 2012

Where do the locals eat in Willemstad?

If you are looking for a taste of the local food in Curacao, look no further than the Plasa Bieu old market and food hall. It is like an open-air food market that has lots of local vendors selling food items you must try!

Curacao Island, local fish frying at Plaza Bieu food hall

More to love about the island of Curacao

Curacao is full of beauty, literally everywhere you turn. Of course, there are gorgeous palm trees wherever you go on this island…

Curacao, looking up at a palm tree

We went on a catamaran and snorkeling excursion and had a really good time. The boat took us out into deeper waters far off the main coast and

Ladies on a yacht in Curacao

Get those snorkels and masks ready, we’re going in!

Curacao, snorkels and masks on a catamaran snorkeling tour

Curacao, Pelican floats in the Caribbean sea

Visit Curacao Island, A Caribbean Paradise

We had such an amazing girls trip to this island, it was a vacation for the books! I know we have some more photos of Curacao island somewhere, I would love to share more details about our trip. If you are looking into planninga Caribbean vacation, add Curacao to your list.

Learn more about Curacao

Swimming in Curacao island lagoon

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