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21 No Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas That You’ll Love This Halloween!

These no carve pumpkin decorating ideas are so much fun for Halloween! Check out our favorites around the web, such great ways for decorating pumpkins without carving!

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These are the cutest no carve pumpkin ideas!

Here comes Halloween! The spooky day is on its way, and we are talking no carve pumpkin ideas for Halloween. No carve pumpkin decorating is a great way for kids to join in on the fun. Parents are the ones who have to do all of the cutting, anyway, and sometimes we just don’t want to deal with scooping out the guts and smelling the pumpkin over time.

21 No Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas That You’ll Love

If you’re looking to decorate a pumpkin without carving this year for Halloween, you’ve come to the right place for ideas! From faux pumpkins to the real deal, here are some of the best pumpkin decorating ideas without carving.

No carve pumpkin decorating ideas - This unicorn pumpkin by Mom Spark is too cute, and an easy way to decorating pumpkins without carving!

1. No carve unicorn pumpkin – Mom Spark

This crafty pumpkin decor idea uses a large white pumpkin and decorates with a gold shimmery horn and a beautiful floral mane! This has to be one of the top creative pumpkin decorating ideas!

2. DIY Day of the Dead sugar skull pumpkins – Casa Artelexia

These fun and colorful painted pumpkins celebrate Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead. I love the details on these pumpkin painting ideas.

No carve emoji pumpkins Cutefetti

3. No carve emoji pumpkins – Cutefetti

Emojis are so much fun to use, so it’s no surprise that they make such great no carve pumpkin decorating ideas! Try making these cute emoji pumpkins this Halloween.

4. Easy Star Wars BB8 Droid pumpkin – Desert Chica

This fun Star Wars themed pumpkin uses two pumpkins of different sizes to make a cute little BB8 droid!

No carve Princess Pumpkins As The Bunny Hops

5. No carve princess pumpkins – As The Bunny Hops

Your princess-loving little girls and boys will adore these fun pumpkin painting ideas! Do you recognize any of these princesses?

6. Fall decor pumpkin with felt flowers – This Mama Loves

Beautiful felt flowers in fall colors adorn this pumpkin, making it a cute and way to decorate pumpkins without carving!

Ideas for decorating pumpkins without carving

Mini Pumpkin Mummy Kids craft

7. Spooky no carve pumpkin mummies – That’s What Che Said

These mini pumpkins are wrapped in white gauze to create a fun and spooky Halloween decoration!

8. Hot glue spider web pumpkins – Mom Dot

A little glitter and some strands of hot glue can transform a pumpkin to a spiders web!

No carve glitter pumpkin decorating ideas

9. No carve glitter monogram pumpkin – Third Stop On The Right

Who knew that some glitter and your favorite initial letter can make such a gorgeous decorated pumpkin!

10. DIY chevron painted pumpkins – My Sweet Savannah

Zigzag patterns are so fun, and this painted pumpkin idea is no exception! These are made out of foam pumpkins, but you could totally use real ones, too.

Creative pumpkin decorating ideas - DIY glow in the dark pumpkins, The SITS girls

11. DIY glow in the dark pumpkins – The SITS Girls

Set the scene this Halloween with these cute glow-in-the-dark pumpkins. A little mod podge and some creativity make this a great no-carve pumpkin decor idea.

12. DIY painted “pun-kins” – Studio DIY

These fun, pumpkin decorations without carving are made with a pun on each one of them, Halloween-related, of course!

More creative pumpkin decorating ideas

No carve Minnie Mouse Pumpkin

13. DIY Minnie Mouse pumpkin – The Farm Girl Gabs

This cute pink and black pumpkin decorating idea is so much fun for Minnie Mouse lovers!

14. No carve watercolor pumpkins – Lines Across

This is probably one of the easiest no carve pumpkin decorating ideas. Watercolors are a lot of fun, and great for small children.

Washi tape pumpkin Made With Happy

15. No carve washi tape pumpkin – Made With Happy

This idea is super cute, a great and easy way to involve your toddler and preschool ages kids to participate in pumpkin decorating without carving!

16. No carve gold studded pumpkins – Making Lemonade

These elegant pumpkins are wearing shiny gold studs, a fun and unique pumpkin decorating ideas.

No carve fruit pumpkins Hey Lets Make Stuff

17. No carve fruit pumpkins – Hey Let’s Make Stuff

Now here’s a unique pumpkin decorating idea! You can make your own Halloween fruit salad with these cute pumpkins.

18. DIY black cat pumpkins – HGTV

Make these cute no-carve black cat pumpkins, a fun idea for Halloween!

Some of the best decorated pumpkins

Jack Skellington Pumpkin - pumpkin painting ideas by Simply Today Life

19. DIY Jack Skellington pumpkin – Simply Today Life

This spooky black and white pumpkin has Jack Skellington’s face on it, a fun pumpkin decor idea for Halloween! If you like drawing on pumpkins ideas and you have a stady hand, you can draw Jack’s face.

DIY marbled pumpkins by Mom Dot

20. No carve marbled pumpkins – Mom Dot

Learn how to create a marbled look on your pumpkins with this tutorial. You’ll have to see what she uses to paint them!

Melted crayon pumpkin decorating tutorial - decorating pumpkins without carving

21. DIY melted crayon decorate pumpkins – Mom Spark

Watch your favorite colors melt and coat a pumpkin, what a great way to decorate pumpkins without carving!

What are your favorite Halloween decorating ideas?

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