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DIY Halloween Treat Holders: Wrap Your Candy in Halloween Costumes!

Our DIY Halloween treat holders are really cute and make the perfect craft to make homemade Halloween candy bar wrappers. Use our template to hold Clif Kid Z bars and more!

Halloween candy bar holders - Kids Halloween paper food crafts, dressed up Clif Kids Frankenstein, Witch, Bat

DIY Halloween treat holders

Looking for Halloween craft ideas? Need some fun treats to take to the classroom Halloween party? Looking for a healthier alternative to handing out the same ol’ Halloween candy? Here’s a little kid-friendly Halloween fun, get your craft on with these cute Halloween treat costumes, courtesy of CLIF Kid!

Now, not only people can dress up in Halloween costumes, but you can dress up your treats, too! These fun witch, mummy, ghost, bat, and Frankenstein DIY Halloween treat holders are cute, easy to make, and ooze Halloween fun! You can also use these as candy bar wrappers and put your favorite full-sized candy bars in each one to give to friends and family.

CLIF Kid Bars Halloween Candy Bar Wrapper Template

You will need:

  • 5 sheets of colored construction paper of your choice
  • Halloween costume stencils (printable PDF)
  • 5 CLIF Z Kid Bars!
  • 10 googly craft eyeballs
  • Black marker
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • pencil
  • glue

Clif Kid Z Bar Halloween costume, Frankenstein cut out stencil treat holder template

How to make Halloween candy bar wrappers

CUT: Print out the Halloween costume stencils (thicker paper preferred) and cut out each one along the lines. Trace each one on the colored paper of your choice. Please note that there is no stencil for the mummy, just use a thin, 1/4 inch wide by 10-inch long strip of white paper. You can cut it off of the side of one of your stencil discard papers.

Also to note: The bat and ghost use the same stencil, so do the bat first, then cut the ears off on the dotted lines to make the ghost.

Decorate the Halloween wrapper template

DECORATE: Time to glue on the eyes and draw on the faces! Draw some of the details in on the face of the witch and the Frankenstein, you can follow the details in the photo above or create your own look! Then, glue on the googly eyes in the correct spot on each costume. When you are finished decorating, cut out each of your Halloween costumes.

Decorate Frankenstein Halloween candy bar wrapper craft

FOLD: Place your CLIF Kid bar in the center of the cutout, just below the head. To assemble, start with the bottom end. Fold it upward, followed by folding in the left and right sides over the bar. These two should overlap. Place a little piece of tape on the inside or on top to secure all three sides. To be sure that the tape won’t show, I prefer to roll the tape backward so I could put it on the inside. Alternatively, you could use double-sided tape or glue.

Halloween candy bar holders - Kids Halloween paper food crafts, dressed up Clif Kids Frankenstein, Witch, Bat

We hope you and your family enjoy this Halloween craft!

I am a fan of CLIF Kid Z Bars, I have tried most of the flavors and they are pretty good. These kid-approved snacks are made with USDA-certified organic ingredients, whole grains, plus vitamins and minerals specific for kids’ growing bodies. It does not contain trans fats, hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, or ingredients sourced from GMOs. This year, they have the Monster Chocolate Mint variety, just in time for Halloween!

If you like this craft, you might LOVE these Halloween popsicle stick pumpkins. They’re so cute and fun to make!

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