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DIY Halloween Decor: Halloween Mason Jar Mummy Candles

Looking for Halloween craft ideas? Light the night with these Halloween mason jar mummy candles – how fun are these little DIY Halloween mason jar decorations?

DIY Halloween Decor- Spooky Halloween Mason Jar Mummy Candles

DIY Halloween mason jars

We love crafts with mason jars, so my son and I made these cute Halloween themed jars last night – Halloween Mason Jar Mummy Candles! This was such an easy Halloween craft that turned out pretty cute, I only used 4 items and a little glue to put these together. These bright mummies are sure to greet trick-or-treaters at the door this Halloween.

Mason Jar Mummy Candles Halloween Craft

Halloween Mason Jar Mummy Candles

Materials needed:

This Halloween mason jars DIY project is simple, we had a lot of fun making these together. Let’s get started on this fun Halloween mummy craft!

How to make mummy mason jar candle holder for Halloween

Step 1: Wrap the mason jar in gauze and secure

Unravel the roll of gauze and dab a few dots of glue on the end. Stick it onto the side of your mason jar at an angle, press and hold for about 30 seconds. Wrap the gauze securely around the jar about 3 – 5 times, making sure to follow the angle and cover the whole mason jar, mummy style.

When you’ve made it back around to the first glue site, cut the gauze and dot some glue on the end. Press and hold firmly for 30 seconds, be sure you have both your start and finish glued onto the same side of the jar. This will be the backside of the mummy.

Step 2: Add googly eyes and a flameless candle

Turn the jar to the front and spread out the gauze into the desired fashion. Glue on two googly eyes wherever you want them and let the mummy dry. When you’re ready, add the flameless tea light candles and set them in a window or outside on the porch and admire!

Step 3: Set them outside at dusk and admire your Halloween DIY!

Here’s how the Halloween mason jar mummies looked during the day:

DIY Halloween Decor and Crafts, Make these Halloween Mason Jar Mummy Candles

Here are the Halloween mason jars at night:

Mummy mason jar candles at night

Enjoy your DIY Halloween mason jars!

We just love these Halloween mason jar decorations, a great Halloween party idea! Hope you make them and yours look just as fabulous and fun as ours did. Let us know how your mummies turn out!


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