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Parents: Learn How To Choose A Violin For Beginners For School

Is your child interested in playing the violin at school? Learn how to choose a violin for a child with this sponsored post from Yamaha Music USA

Parents - Learn How To Choose A Violin For Your Beginner For School | violin for kids | beginner violin | Yamaha student violins | buying a violin for beginners | honeyandlime.coSo your child wants to play an instrument, but you have no idea where to start? I was in the same boat last year when my son began to play the violin. At his school, they allowed the older kids to choose between choir, band, and orchestra, and I was thrilled that the violin was his choice! He is otherwise an athletic boy on the rougher side, so the choice to play the soothing medley that a violin gives was quite the surprise coming from him.

Yamaha student violin a great violin for kids

Choosing a violin for beginners

I am sure that you’ve heard of the many benefits that playing an instrument offers – it helps improve memory, attention span, and increases overall brain function – and the violin is no exception. The violin is one of the more popular string instruments in the orchestra, and as a parent of a first timer, I literally had no idea how to buy a violin at all! We were given the choice between renting one from the school, or buying our own, and when the school ran out, I was totally lost.

This year, I got my son a violin from Yamaha Music, a long time well respected brand in the industry. They have been making quality instruments with excellent craftsmanship for quite some time now, and I was really happy to be able to get one of their student violins. Learn how to choose a violin for kids who are beginners with this helpful guide from Yamaha, a great starting point for parents with kids who want to play a string instrument!

How to choose a violin for kids

How To Choose A Violin For Your Beginner

  • Consider your price range – Violins can cost anywhere from $50 – $1,000+, ranging from very economical up to advanced and upgraded pieces. I do suggest choosing a student violin for beginners, they cost the least and are great for kids who are interested in learning to play, but have not yet decided if it is their passion. There are many higher grade violins for advanced musicians, but i’d hold off on that until your little Mozart really gets into it!
  • Violin size and comfort – Believe it or not, there are lots of different violin sizes, all dependent upon your child’s height. When you purchase your violin from Yamaha stores, you can use their “Find Your Fit” ruler to calculate the perfect sized beginner violin, an expert can help you. 
  • Choose a quality, respectable manufacturer – Yamaha really sets the bar high for wonderfully made instruments. Each violin is very well made, including the use of quality materials and high level craftsmanship. Bows and shoulder rests are also crafted well, and each instrument is created to give a clear, warm, and projectile sound. Their 3 student violins are great for beginners and give kids a good path to get a start in their musical journeys.

Yamaha student violin a great violin for kids

Yamaha makes the best quality violins for beginners!

Parents – if you kids is asking you for a violin and you’ve never bought one, don’t fret! Yamaha has a Violin Finder, a great tool to help parents find out which student violin is best for your beginner. Look through the the violin check list to see what you desire in a violin, or click the “Help Me Decide” button to have Yamaha help you find the right instrument for you. We are truly happy with the instrument we received and I know that you will find a quality crafted violin you’ll love! This is a great starting point for your child to enter the world of music, taking all of the guess work out of buying a violin for beginners.

Visit for more information about how to choose a violin, and to find a store near you to size and purchase your student violin. Whether your kids are in elementary, middle school, or high school, there will be a piece that is perfect for your child. Oh, and don’t forget to follow along with Yamaha on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for updates, and follow along with the #ParentsChooseYamaha hashtag on social media for more musical fun!

Buying a violin for beginners - Yamaha Music is a trusted brand that makes high quality instrument

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