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Healthy & Easy Deli Lunchbox Kabobs With Meat and Cheese

These easy lunchbox kabobs with meat and cheese are If you are looking for healthy school lunch ideas, this one is easy to make and the kids love it!

Healthy & Easy Deli Lunchbox Kabobs With Meat and Cheese

Healthy deli lunch ideas

How do you get your kids to make their own lunch, and actually like eating it?

My son has been packing his own lunch for the past few years. He has a few rules to follow: fresh fruit or vegetable, protein, grains, a snack, and a drink. I admit, it gets mundane and he gets tired of eating the same things. We came up with a new, fun back-to-school lunch idea that he loves!

Oscar Mayer Old World Style Salami and Pepperoni

Easy deli meat recipes for lunch

I really like him to have a sandwich loaded with all of the fixings, but he’s not a huge fan. I had to think of something, so I decided that we would try something we haven’t done before: kabobs!

These are fun to make and even better to eat, and they feature a new, flavorful product. Oscar Mayer Old World Style Pepperoni and Salami products are delicious and perfect to pack in school lunchboxes!

easy deli sandwich kabobs

Oscar Mayer Old World Style salami and pepperoni products are absolutely perfect for Italian-style sandwiches, or even just for snacking. As the kids get into the back-to-school routine, they always look for something flavorful, portable, and delicious to pack for lunch.

Easy lunchbox kabobs with meat and cheese

My son was excited to see that I made these lunch kabobs to go! Now he likes to make them with me the night before, perfect to toss in his lunch box in the morning. This is such a great healthy deli lunch idea and they are customizable. Here’s how to make these easy school lunchbox kabobs.


  • Oscar Mayer Old World Style Salami
  • seedless grapes
  • cheddar cheese, cubed
  • cherry tomatoes
  • wooden skewer sticks

How to make these easy deli meat kabobs for lunch

Just measure out and cut your skewer sticks to the size of your container. Do not simply break the sticks because the wood splinters at the end. Heavy duty scissors or a knife works.

Thread on your ingredients, one by one, making sure to fold and roll up the salami to fit securely on the stick. You can serve these over a bed of greens, or add whatever green veggies your child likes. My son is a fan of edamame, so he eats a small side of it plus a snack and a drink. It looks cute and colorful, and for some reason, when kids help make their own stuff, they are a little more apt to eat it.

salami and fruit kabobs for lunch

Enjoy this easy school lunch idea!

Oscar Mayer Old World Style meats come in a few different flavors: Classic Salami, Cracked Black Pepper Salami, Classic Pepperoni, and Turkey Pepperoni! I was personally excited to try the turkey pepperoni, I am more of a poultry and fish type of gal so I tend to stay away from eating ham and such too often.

Making a sandwich with turkey pepperoni, red onion, oil, vinegar, and pepperoncini is perfect to indulge a little while at work. The best part: it tastes delicious, so if you didn’t know it was turkey, you probably never would!

Tired of plain ol’ turkey? Learn more about Oscar Mayer Old World Style products and pick up a package in the refrigerated meat section. This is good stuff, y’all, and convenient for any busy schedule.

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