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15 Easy Kids Make Ahead Lunches For School That Will Last The Whole Week

Looking for some easy kids make-ahead lunches for school? These awesome ideas and recipes are kid-friendly and can be done as pre-made lunches for the week!

Back to school lunch ideas you can make ahead of time

Make-ahead school lunches

Ahhh it’s that time again – school is starting and it’s off they go, and parents are back to early mornings, homework, and daily lunch packing. I really strive to make sure my kids are getting a nutritious lunch each day, and it is wearing me out!

As much as I would love to make cute little bento boxes with hand-carved teddy bear sandwiches each morning for my kids, I simply don’t have the time. These make-ahead lunches for school are perfect to prep all at once and last for the whole week (Psst… you can teach your kids to pack their own lunch with this Printable School Lunch Packing Chart).

Make ahead school lunch ideas - Caterpillar lunch

photo: My Mommy Style

15 Easy Kids Make-Ahead Lunches For School

These kid-friendly lunch ideas for school are all perfect to make ahead for the entire week, no more rushing in the morning before heading out the door! From mac and cheese to making your own easy bento boxes, even picky eaters will love some of these school lunch ideas.

You will need to do a little planning, so make sure you’re shopping for enough ingredients to make 5 lunches per child, one for each day of the week. Balance out the meal with enough healthy snacks and sides for your hungry kids, you’ll have to prep those, too. Then, it’s set it and FORGET IT! Try out some of these easy make ahead school lunch ideas, they really look delicious.

Hot packed lunch ideas for school

Pepperoni pizza rolls - kid friendly lunch ideas for school

photo: Crazy Adventures In Parenting

1. Homemade pepperoni pizza rolls – Crazy Adventures In Parenting

2. Cheesy zucchini spinach quesadillas – Dizzy, Busy, and Hungry

3. Cheesy corn dog muffins – 5 Minutes For Mom

4. Fiesta Mexican rice – My Organized Chaos

Healthy mac and cheese cups for kids - pre made lunches for the week

photo: The Bewitchin’ Kitchen

5. Healthy mac and cheese cups – The Bewitchin’ Kitchen

6. Bean rice, and cheese burritos – Bowl of Delicious

7. Easy homemade chicken nuggets – Busy Creating Memories

8. School lunch box pizza muffins – Spaceships and Laserbeams

Cold lunch ideas for kids

Strawberry yogurt granola bars - pre made school lunch ideas

photo: The Bewitchin’ Kitchen

9. Strawberry yogurt granola bars  – The Bewitchin’ Kitchen

10. Caterpillar lunch snack pack – My Mommy Style

11. DIY lunchable style bento boxes – About A Mom

Turkey avocado and pesto roll ups - easy make ahead lunches for school

12. Healthy turkey roll-ups – Honey + Lime

13. Tortilla pinwheel lollipops – Home Cooking Memories

14. Deconstructed cobb salad bento box – Eating Well

15. Breakfast cereal cups and milk for lunch – Honey + Lime

Breakfast for lunch - an easy make ahead school lunch for kids

Now you’ve got pre-made school lunches for the week!

I love these make-ahead lunches for kids and I am definitely gonna try some of them. They would love the homemade pepperoni pizza rolls and the cobb salad, I may go ahead and do both of these one week and see how it goes.

What are your favorite make-ahead school lunches?

These are such great school lunch ideas for elementary kids! Please don’t forget to pre-pack some grab n go back to school snacks, too, like strawberries, apples, cucumber, carrots, blueberries, corn, or whatever fruits and veggies your kids love – make sure they are available ahead of time along with the entree so that your kids will pack and eat them!

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