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Fostering Creativity and Imaginitive Play with LEGO® Super Heroes!

I love watching my kids create, learn and play, the sheer joy and innocence they have is such a wonderful thing. LEGO® bricks have always been a favorite in our household, we love hands on creative activities, they are super important to help children to fine tune their motor skills and spark their creativity, helping them bring their play stories to life!

LEGO® Super Heroes Marvel and DC Comics Building Sets

My kids are big super hero fans, so they were thrilled to get these awesome LEGO® Super Heroes building sets! Featuring all of your favorite Marvel and DC Comics heroes and villains, these sets are perfect for all ages. My daughter was all into her LEGO Juniors Superheroes Spider-man™ Hideout and my son had a more advanced set: LEGO Superheroes Batboat Harbor Pursuit. They were into this for hours, they battled each other, Batman™ and Robin zoomed off to the bat cave, Spider-man’s helicopter flew around to save the city, and Batman and Spider-man even teamed up to beat the evil villain!

LEGO® Super Heroes Kids building LEGO sets

The LEGO® Juniors Spider-Man™ Set


LEGO® Junior Super Heroes Spider-Man Hideout Building Set

This set it super cute, my daughter loves to build with her older brother’s LEGO bricks but sometimes it gets too hard for her to follow. With the Juniors sets, the instructions are super easy to read and understand. This specific set comes with the all of the pieces needed to build the Spider-Man hideout, helicopter, villian aircraft, a vehicle, and comes with two minifigures.

LEGO® Super Heroes girl building Juniors Spider-Man helicopter

The LEGO® Super Heroes Batboat Set


LEGO® Super Heroes Batboat Harbor Pursuit Building Set

This set is for ages 6 and up and requires a little more skill in the LEGO building department: double the pieces, double the instructional steps. My son actually spent two days working on this, he was totally into it! It could typically take only a couple of hours to build, but we had to leave the house so he resumed the next morning and played with it all day. This set comes with Batman, Robin and villian minifigures and all of the bricks you need to make the batboat and the other vehicle.

LEGO® Super Heroes Making the Batman Batboat Building Set

I actually had a great time helping my kids put these sets together. I love how LEGO® Super Heroes allows families to create stories and fosters imaginative play, there are products for all ages and stages:

  • LEGO® DUPLO® (Ages 1 1/2 – 5) – These are double the size of regular LEGO bricks, great for tiny builders with little hands.
  • LEGO® JUNIORS (Ages 4+) – Regular sized LEGO bricks are used with easy to follow, step by step picture instructions. My 4 year old did a great job following along, I only helped her a couple of times.
  • LEGO® Super Heroes (Ages 5+) – Marvel and DC Comics heroes in LEGO brick form, just like my son’s Batman set above. These sets come with full instructions and are more advanced for older children.

These LEGO® Super Heroes sets were such a great idea, I know so many children who would love them! LEGO building sets provide an opportunity for kids to think, create their own stories and play. I have so many great childhood memories playing with LEGO bricks, and now I enjoy making new ones with my children!

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