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Get Your College Savings Match with ScholarShare on National 529 Day!


Haven’t opened up a college savings account for your kids? I am partnering with ScholarShare to show you all why you MUST open up a 529 college savings plan for your kids, RIGHT NOW.


ScholarShare California 529 College Savings Plan


As college costs skyrocket year after year, it’s getting tougher for the average family to be able to pay for their child’s college education. Even after receiving financial aid, which tends to be student loans, graduates and their parents are taking out tons of money that need to be repaid as soon as your child graduates, leaving them in debt as soon as they get their degree, and in some cases, before they even get a job. It really doesn’t have to be this way!


Open Your New Account on National 529 Day for a $50 Match!


ScholarShare National 529 Day College Savings Plan Match


ScholarShare’s California 529 College savings plan is a great way to get started. With just a minimum contribution of $25, you are well on your way to saving for your child’s future, meaning less out of pocket costs for everyone. Funds saved in 529 accounts cover tuition, books, room and board, supplies, transportation and other personal costs and school related fees. On National 529 Day, May 29th, and you can get $50 FREE towards college from ScholarShare! Just open up a new account for your kids, relatives, or even for yourself on May 29th, fund it with at least $50, allow automatic contributions, and ScholarShare will match your $50!


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Your traditional savings account is simply not enough. Yes, you can stash your extra cash away in one, but you won’t be reaping the full benefits that you could be with your California 529. Anyone can open an account for anyone in their family, earnings grow tax free when used for college, and you can choose from a variety of  indexes to invest the funds, which offer a higher return, netting you more profits when it’s time to make a withdraw.


Start saving for college, right away!


The absolute worst thing we can do, as parents, is to be caught unprepared. Scholarships are not guaranteed, and a 529 savings plan can help offset some of your child’s college expenses. And don’t worry, if scholarships are granted, or if for some reason your kids decide not to go to college, you’ll be able to withdraw all of the money in the account to use for whatever you need to. Open up an account with ScholarShare on National 529 Day, May 29, 2015, for your $50 bonus, it’s a great time to start saving!


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This is a sponsored post in part of a partnership with ScholarShare, all opinions are my own.


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