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How to Get Your Kids to Brush their Teeth and LOVE It

Learn how to get your kids to brush their teeth and love doing it! We have a toothbrush trick that is one of the fun ways to get your child to brush their teeth without a fuss.

How to Get Your Kids to Brush their Teeth and LOVE It - fun ways to get kids to brush their teeth

How to get your kids to brush their teeth

Last night, my kids ASKED ME if they can brush their teeth. WHAT? Read along and I will show you all how to get your kids to brush their teeth in the morning and at night, without a fight!

Firefly® Star Wars® Blue Light Saber Toothbrush for kids

Teach a child to brush their teeth

At ages 8 and 4, they both tend to cringe at doing anything that doesn’t involve food, games, or wildness. Anytime I would say, “C’mon, get in the shower, it’s almost bedtime” and “Don’t forget to brush your teeth before bed!“, it incited the worst moans, groans, and eye rolls: How DARE I ask them to do things that are good for their health?

Firefly® Toothbrushes, featuring Star Wars® Light Sabers

Help – my kids hate brushing their teeth!

You can learn how to make brushing teeth fun for kids. I’ve learned that forcing kids to brush never works, especially with my stubborn 4-year-old. The trick – entertaining light-up toothbrushes – Star Wars style!

Do kids like brushing their teeth? Not really. But the key here is to make it fun and exciting, to make them WANT to participate and kinda start to like it. Firefly® toothbrushes did just the trick! Check out these Star Wars® light saber toothbrushes, how cool are these?

Girl brushing her teeth with Firefly® Light up Toothbrush

Encouraging your kids to brush

Here’s how these light-up toothbrushes work. Firefly® toothbrushes light up and time the child brushing their teeth for 60 seconds. When the light goes out, they know they’re finished brushing!

There are lots of different Firefly® toothbrush designs available, but these red Darth Vader and blue Obiwan lightsabers are my kids’ absolute favorites! You can hear their actual voices and sounds from the Star Wars® franchise, keeping them entertained while they do something that is an important daily habit to maintain.

Assorted Firefly® Toothbrushes

Fun ways to get your child to brush their teeth

Yes, you can get your kids to brush their teeth and actually like it! This is the best possible way that I can encourage my kids to brush their teeth, without a fuss and fight.

Making it fun and exciting worked for us, I would highly recommend these to any parent who has trouble brushing their young child’s teeth, or convincing them to.

More light-up toothbrushes to try

Not a huge fan of Star Wars? There are lots of other light-up toothbrush options available – check out a few of them below:Crayola color light-up toothbrushes for kids with timer

How do you get your kids to brush their teeth?

It is so important to instill healthy oral care habits at a young age, and I think Firefly® does the trick. How do you get your kids to like brushing their teeth without a fuss?

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