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Have an Active Summer with Nerf, Toys “R” Us and Duracell!


My family had a blast with Nerf and Duracell products, I can’t wait till you see the fun we had! I also received a gift card for the purposes of this post, all opinions are my own.


Kid hiding to launch Nerf dart blaster surprise attack


Warm weather is here and schools are letting out across the country. If you’re looking for ways to keep summer fun and active for your kids, look no further than Toys “R” Us and Duracell. There are all kinds of ways to get your kids outside and get them moving for a healthy summer.

Hit the pool with some noodles or a fun floaty, toss a frisbee, or head out for a bike ride. Play hide and seek, race your kids around the block, or even have an epic Nerf battle on the front lawn! Our boys thought this was the best option!


Power up Nerf dart blaster with Duracell batteries this summer


We got to try out Nerf’s new Elite XD with motorized dart blasting power. We popped some Duracell Coppertop AA’s into our Nerf blasters and we were off. The Elite XD has amazing fire power. It will launch a dart up to 90 feet…and it really works! My husband “accidentally” hit me with one from across the house when testing it out. It also has a pump action Demolisher Missile that fires really far, too. You can even fire darts and missiles at the same time for double fun!


Power Up Toys this summer with Duracell Batteries


The Nerf Elite XD was a bit too heavy for our little one, so he teamed up with Daddy for a little help with firing. But, my older son launched a sneak attack from the bushes and won the battle. And when it was done, we got a little extra play time in by seeing who could locate the most darts around the lawn…we actually found them all!


Father and son play with Nerf dart blaster



Since our first battle, the boys have also enjoyed some target practice with their Nerf Elite XD’s. They set up balls and action figures and see if they can knock them down with the darts. Or, if that fails, they launch the missiles and take them all out at once.


Summer fun for kids with Nerf Elite dart blaster


Since our Nerf Elite XD’s are powered by Duracell, the fun can last for ages. Duracell Coppertop batteries last up to 15% longer than other leading brands or Duracell Quantum last up to 35% longer. They’re also guaranteed to protect against leaks that can damage your toys.


Win a Duracell and Toys “R” Us Prize Pack!


How will you keep your kiddos active and outdoors this summer? Duracell, Toys “R” Us and Nerf want to help by teaming up with mommyGAGA to give you a chance to win a $50 Toys ‘R’ Us Gift card to grab your favorite Nerf blaster and two packs of Duracell AA batteries! Enter using the giveaway form below and have fun outside with your family, ends 6/22/15 at midnight.


a Rafflecopter giveaway


Remember, Toys “R” Us is the perfect one stop shop to pick up your favorite summer games, but don’t forget the Duracell batteries! During the week of 6/14, Buy 1 pack of Duracell and get 2nd pack at 40% off, and get Nerf blasters at 20% off at Toys “R” Us.


How does your family have fun outdoors?


This review was written by contributing author Sarah Brown. When she’s not writing at her own blog, The Education of A Stay At Home Mom, she is tending to her two young boys, her husband and her household and loving it! She is still in the process of learning what it means to be a stay at home mom, follow along with her parenting trials!


Duracell sent over some products for review, batteries and a gift card.  Prizing is fulfilled by the sponsor, all opinions are held by the writer and are not influenced in any way.



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