10 Tips On How To Enjoy A Vacation With Family – These Are Fabulous Family Travel Tips!

Learn how to enjoy a vacation with family with these fabulous family travel tips. You can travel with your family and still have a nice vacation!

10 Tips On How To Enjoy A Vacation With Family - These Are Fabulous Family Travel Tips

The best family travel tips

Going on a family vacation? Get through yours distraction-free! Great family vacations with kids are those that are well planned, painless, and downright fun! Here are my top ten tips for a fun, distraction-free family vacation. Use this as a checklist before you go, and have a nice vacation! Also, see this post for how to save on hotel rooms for your next family vacation.

10 Tips On How To Enjoy A Vacation With Family

1. Bring plenty of healthy snacks. I know I get antsy, so you can imagine the kids! Sometimes eating a snack can get their minds off of the long trip. This is one of our top tips on how to enjoy a vacation with family. I would also bring chocolate 🙂

2. Fill up the night before. If your anything like us, it takes a bunch of time to finally get out of the house, let alone stop for gas, snacks, restrooms, etc. Fill up your gas tanks ahead of time and be sure to check the air pressure in your tires while you are there. If you are getting a ride to the airport, double check your reservation or call your ride to be sure they know the scoop.3. Stock up with games and fun entertainment. Music CD’s, ipods, tablets, portable game consoles, paper and crayons, books. All essentials for my son. All are lifesavers. Here are some ideas on how to keep kids busy on road trips.

4. Pack some pillows and blankets. If you are on a long trip, I am sure sleep will be in order. Make it a little more comfortable, especially for the person who has to sit in the middle seat! This is one of the top tips for family trips.


5. Plot your rest stops ahead of time. Can save time and ensure that you don’t miss the gas station when you really need it. If you’re flying, be sure to schedule enough time to relax, walk around a bit, use the restroom and grab a bite to eat.

6. Charge your cameras, cell phones, and other electronics the night before you leave. When you’re vacationing with family, electronics must be charged! Nothing worse than a dead cell phone right when you need it!

7. Pack extra clothing. My favorite family vacation advice, we always can use extra clothes! Dependent upon where you are going, the weather may change. Kids spill. Winds blow. Clothes rip. Babies poop. You get the idea.

8. Stay stocked with water. Because we all get thirsty, so be prepared.

9. Have wet wipes readily available. This is another one of our top tips on how to enjoy a vacation with family. With all of that food and drinks, spills are bound to happen.

10. Keep a little extra cash. Believe it or not, some places are still cash-only! You never know what can happen or where you might end up!

kids jumping at the beach

Enjoy your trip and have a nice time vacationing with family!

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