I Did My First 5K + Obstacle Course + Mud Run!

Ok y’all. I’m not much of a runner, so it’s a huge deal for me to complete a 5K!

Anytime I run, I am winded in about 3 minutes. I end up walking most of the way and feel like I shorted myself. Knowing this, I had no idea what to expect of myself when I signed up for the Dirty Girl Mud Run. I read the course description, testimonials and FAQ’s, yet I still had no idea how I would fair!



Once I got there, saw the course and scoped it all out, I instantly felt at ease. It was mostly for the fun of it, and to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer. I’m totally with that! The best part about participating in the Dirty Girl Mud Run is that it’s exclusive to women ages 14 and up and made for all fitness levels. There are super fun obstacles with catchy names (try running through the P.M.S., or Pretty Muddy Stuff pit) and short stretches of grass, dirt and muddy areas to run in between. It’s not a race, so you’ll be just fine going along at your own pace!



Check out the P.M.S. obstacle, this is the first one I attempted! Yes, I brought my phone so I could take photos, it was in a ziploc bag.

I don’t remember the name of this one, but I had to climb up the wooden pyramid using the rope, then go under a super low clearance. In the mud. I survived!


There were a total of 10 obstacles, one of which I skipped. Once we reached the finish line, we had to run through a mud pit for the finale!



I was probably the cleanest runner there! My pants are super wet and muddy, you can’t really tell since they are black. There is also a little mud in my hair! I definitely wasn’t trying to get like these “dirty girls”…


photo: GoDirtyGirl.com


Would I recommend the Dirty Girl Mud Run? In a word, YES! It’s very exhilarating to be able to accomplish this, and it’s also great to know that you are benefiting The National Breast Cancer Society. Also, cancer survivors run free! The Dirty Girl team holds events nationwide, check here for more info and here to see when they will be in your city!

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  • Thanks for the inspiration! I’ve been considering doing the Delaware Mud Run, which like your run, supports cancer research but in this case. leukemia research (my son is a leukemia survivor). I watched the race three years ago when my son was an honored guest, and thought it looked like so much fun! But sadly, I “chickened out” last year because I’m “not a runner” – you have inspired me to throw that fear away and just do it! Mud Run here I come! Somehow, I don’t think I’ll remain as clean as you did, especially since my now 14 year old wants to run the race with me. I can see it now – he’ll be throwing mud my way.

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