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7 Beautiful Indoor Plants That Are Hard to Kill

Spruce up your home with these indoor plants that are hard to kill. If you are new at this, you can learn how to grow plants for beginners!

How to grow indoor plants - these are some of the easiest house plants for beginners to care for

The best house plants that thrive in low light

Are you looking to greenify your home a little, but you always kill your plants? I love having indoor plants, they are such gorgeous accents to existing home decor and they are great in every room. If you’ve tried it with houseplants before and it didn’t work out well, trust me – try it again with these hard to kill indoor plants!

Cacti indoor plants succulents home decor

We learned in elementary science that plants need water, soil, and sunlight to grow. While this is true, there are some indoor plants that thrive in low-light conditions, making them the perfect house plants.

7 indoor plants that are hard to kill

Check out these indoor plant decor ideas, they look great and can also be practical, kinda like these DIY indoor herb garden ideas. These are some of the best indoor plants for beginners and my personal favorites, it no particular order.

Spider plant

Curly spider plant indoor houseplants

The Chlorophytum comosum, or the Spider plant, is a popular one because it is easy to care for and perfect for hanging. This plant loves direct sunlight but can still survive without it. Colors range from dark green to lighter green with yellow and white striping. I think of all of the indoor plants for beginners, this one has to be the easiest to deal with!
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Aloe Vera plant

Aloe leaf plant - a great indoor house plant that is hard to kill

The Aloe Vera plant is a type of succulent and is very easy to take care of. It has thick leaves and is commonly used for its skin healing properties and it makes a great indoor potted plant, too.
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Golden Pothos

Golden pothos indoor plant Epipremnum aureum

My Golden Pothos, or Epipremnum aureum, has been the easiest and fastest-growing plant I own. Of all of the indoor plants that are hard to kill, the pothos can survive for quite a while with indirect light and little water. I love the vines that mine is creating, it resembles an ivy (also known as Devil’s Ivy). I plan to hang this indoor plant from a macrame hanger on the ceiling.
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Rubber plant

Ficus elastica rubber plant

Ficus elastica is appropriately named the rubber plant because its leaves look and feel like actual rubber. It is one of the best indoor house plants. It has shiny oval leaves, usually dark in green and burgundy hue, and does well in all forms of light.
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ZZ plant

Zamioculcas ZZ plant - a good indoor plant for beginners

The lovely ZZ plant is actually called a Zamioculcas. These babies are known to be air purifiers, have shoots that grow tall, and can be watered once weekly. My sister has a couple of these and they are thriving in their low light spaces!
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Air plants

Tillandsia air plant on drift wood

The Tillandsia plant is called an air plant due to the fact that they do not root into the ground, but they hang in the air on branches. All they need is water and light, and since they do not have to be in any dirt, you can put them anywhere inside your home!
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Snake plant

Green golden snake plant Dracaena trifasciata

The snake plant, or Dracaena Trifasciata, is a long-lasting houseplant that looks gorgeous in any decor style. They love indirect sunlight, can grow up to 6 feet tall, and they’re known to be air-filtering plants. I am currently in the market for a tall snake plant for my bedroom. I’ll share a photo when I find one I love!
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What are your favorite house plants?


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  • Spider plant, is a popular one because it is easy to care for and perfect for hanging. This plant loves direct sunlight but can still survive without it.

  • I have some of these plants at home. They are really easy to take care of.
    I’ve even been able to grow a couple of them even on my patio and they are doing great.
    The lavender and peace lily are also unpretentious and I have had them for years.

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