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Keep An Eye On Baby: Motorola Video Baby Monitor, Wireless and Portable!

The moment my children were born, I could not keep my eyes off of them. Every move, every whimper was so amazing to me, I didn’t want to miss a thing!


Motorola Wireless Video Baby Monitor


Both of my kids started sleeping in their own rooms at about 6 months of age. I never co-slept, but we had a bassinet right next to our bed side. I was able to look over at them throughout the night, making sure those tosses and whimpers were non-stressful. We had a baby monitor put in their bedroom, which we never turn off, but it is for sound only. What if I had a video monitor back then? Peace of mind, that’s what.


Motorola Video Baby Monitor

Motorola sent me their new portable video monitor to try out. Can I just say that technology is awesome? It is! The Motorola MBP34T Wireless Video Baby Monitor is everything you need to be sure baby is sleeping well, so you can get a good night’s sleep of your own! The amount of bells and whistles on this thing is astounding:


  • Large 3.5″ Digital Color Screen, very clear picture
  • Infrared Night Vision
  •  2.4 GHz FHSS Digital Transmission
  • Visual Sound Level Indicator
  • Room Temperature Monitoring
  • Two-Way Communications – press a button on the screen and talk right back to the kids!
  • Uses a rechargeable battery (Parent Unit) – perfect for travel use
  • Wide Range – up to 590 feet/180 meters
  • Features Out-of-Range Alert, Low Battery Alert, and simple volume control
  • Plays lullabies in baby’s room


Here’s what comes in the box: you’ll get the camera receiver (goes in baby’s room), the parent unit (the video screen), two charging cords, the battery and closure for the parent unit, a travel case and a users manual.


Motorola MBP34T Wireless Video Baby Monitor Box Contents


The set up is quite easy. Place the battery into the back of the parent unit and screw on the closure. Match each power cord with the parent unit and the receiver, respectively, and charge overnight before use. When you plug in the receiver, flip the switch on the side to ‘ON’ and a green light will come on to signify that it is working. Place the receiver in the best spot in your baby’s room where it will get the most coverage. I put mine on the dresser facing the crib.


Here’s what I saw when I turned it on:


Parent Unit in Action, Motorola Wireless Baby Video Monitor


She’s waiting ever so patiently to get out of her crib! Apparently, I took too long taking photos, so her brother decided to climb in with her. Caught in the act! You have no idea how many times I have told him NOT to do that!


Kid on baby monitor video


The picture and signal are very clear, no blurry scenes or screeching noises coming from the monitor. I really like the two-way talk feature, instead of screaming, “No you can’t have any water, go to sleep!” I can calmly tell them to zip it right through the monitor.

Another thing I love about this video baby monitor is that it is compact and portable. It comes with a travel case, so when you are traveling or when the kids are at their grandparents’ house, the Motorola wireless monitor can come with! Everything fits nice and snug, the case is about 6 or 7 inches, zips completely shut and would fit great in a suit case.


Motorola Video Baby Monitor Travel Case


The only issue I have is the timing. Why wasn’t this available 5 years ago? I’m a little upset that I did not have this monitor when my kids were babies! I would have loved to have a wireless video monitor to check on the babies, very convenient.


I highly recommend the Motorola MBP34T Wireless Video Baby Monitorit’s the perfect audio and visual tool to give you peace of mind. It is available at Walmart stores and various retailers online.



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Disclosure: I received products courtesy of Motorola for review. No other compensation was received and all opinions are mine.


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  • Video monitors are the coolest. My baby is due in less than a month and we got the Summer Infant monitor. Lovesss it. And that is just from testing it without a baby in the house lol. We can also order additional cameras to have in various rooms in the house. Smartttt!! My hubby thinks it is going to make me more neurotic though.

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