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10 Moving Tips and Tricks That You Didn’t Learn From Your Mother

We’re sharing our top moving tips and tricks to help you stay organized on your next home move! These easy moving tips and hacks for packing your house will come in handy for your next move.

Looking for moving ideas- I know the hassle of moving, but luckily, there are ways to make it a little less painful. These 10 moving tips and tricks are lifesaving, they made my move so much easier!

Moving hacks that will help you get it done.

Moving SUCKS. There’s no way around it. Packing up your entire household and transporting it from one place to another takes lots of time and patience, I know! I’ve moved plenty of times in my life to where I have picked up a few moving tips and tricks to make relocation a much easier feat. Some things I got from my mama, others I learned along the way.

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Easy moving tips for relocating to your new home

No matter how you slice it, you’ve got to move sometime in your life, and it doesn’t need to be such a painful process! Whether your new home is across the country or down the street, these moving tips and hacks will help ease the task.

Learn how to pack your belongings, decide what to get rid of, secure your sensitive items, rent furniture, label boxes, and more. You might be left asking yourself, “why didn’t I think of that?”

Easy moving packing hacks and tips

Top 10 moving tips and tricks that you didn’t learn

1. Start early, purge as much as you can

This is one of the best tips and tricks for moving. It’s time to release your inner packrat! As you start moving things around, you’ll find so many things you can get rid of. Ask each family member to go through their stuff and get rid of the things they haven’t used in a year. Toys, clothes, shoes, cleaners, books, broken electronics, paperwork, home decor, old linens, and even foods and condiments in the kitchen. The less stuff you have, the easier it is to pack!

2. Pack a week’s worth of clothes and necessities in your roller luggage bags

Don’t get stuck in a situation where you absolutely can’t find any underwear or running shoes because you have no idea where you packed them. Task each family member to choose a few different outfits for various occasions and keep them in a rolling travel bag. That way, when you move into your new place, you won’t have to dig into all of your boxes or play the guessing game of where your t-shirts and deodorant might be.

3. Learn how to collect and label your boxes properly

The day you know you’re moving is the day that you should begin to collect boxes. They can get expensive, so make sure to ask around, check local listings for free moving boxes to be picked up, and even go into your local grocery stores and ask if they have any boxes you’re allowed to take.

Also, as you pack, you should label each box with their designated room in giant print for the movers (BATHROOM), and write a small list of what’s in the box on the side for yourself. This makes it super easy for people moving your boxes to know where they go, plus once you’re all moved in, you know exactly where to find everything. Buy cheap moving boxes on Amazon.

Moving tips and tricks, clothes in the closet protected with plastic garbage bags, packing hacks

4. Hanging clothes can be protected with garbage bags

This was one of my top moving tips and tricks, you can actually leave your closet clothes on the hangers and protect them with drawstring trash bags!

Place the trash bag over a bundle of clothing and tie the drawstrings over the hanger hooks to keep them together. When you get to your new place, simply remove the drawstrings, hang them, and pull off the trash bag. Voila! Keep the bags for future use, these 13-gallon sized plastic drawstring trash bags work.

5. Use your bath towels and comforters to protect glass mirrors and kitchenware

Instead of shoving your bath towels into boxes and vacuum sucking the life out of your comforters, put them to good use. Smaller towels are great for protecting dishes, glass, light bulbs, vases, pottery, small mirrors, and other breakables. Larger comforters can be wrapped around large mirrors, home decor items, and glass tables. This is one of the top tips for easy moving!

6. Clean up your house as you go

After a long moving process, the last thing you want to do is spend another 2 hours at your old place cleaning up. As I packed up different areas and moved most of my belongings to the living room, I was able to clean those spaces throughout the week of my move.

Can I just tell you how easy it was to get out of my old place when my stuff was all moved out? Once the movers left, I basically vacuumed and wiped down the kitchen counter, and I was outta there!

7. Hire a professional moving company

Sure, you can save money by asking friends to help you move, but professional movers do such an amazing job. They come with the manpower needed to lift your heavy stuff, plus they’ve got trucks, dollies, packing materials, and the know-how, allowing them to get in and out in a jiff! I will never move again without hiring help. EVAH.

8. Use a giant plastic wrap to secure items

If you don’t want to remove drawers from dressers, pillows from couches, and other similar removable items, plastic wrap it all together! My movers did it for me, they even plastic-wrapped my full ottoman, my storage units with stuff in each of the cubes, and my dining chairs together for easy moving. Here’s a great giant plastic stretch wrap roll to use.

9. Use plastic zipper bags for screws and hardware

Zip up those screws and bolts and tape the plastic bag to the item that they should go with. I did this with all of my floating shelves, picture ledges, photo frames, there was no confusion as to which size screws and a hex wrench to use!

10. Rent furniture until your stuff arrives

What do you do when you’ve moved and you need furniture, stat? You make life a little easier and rent furniture! CORT Furniture Rental offers great furniture rentals as a solution to your life transition. They help make sure that your home is move-in ready – rent a set of furniture by room or choose individual pieces for your living room, bedroom, dining room, office, kitchen, and backyard.

This is really ideal for military families that move often, those that are off to college, people who are moving far away and awaiting furniture to arrive, and those that are not yet ready to purchase any large pieces of furniture while in a transitional phase.

What are your top moving tips and tricks?

Moving day doesn’t have to be a huge hassle. Consider these tips to make moving easier and make your new house a home with CORT Furniture Rental. This is the perfect solution to your temporary move in the city, across the country, or wherever life takes you and your family.


Top 10 moving hacks for packing - tips for moving and move in day

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CORT for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.


  • I so needed to find the tips about purging old stuff and cleaning rooms as you go. We were able to get rid of so much stuff and make everything easier.

  • Thank you so much for these recommendations! Your extremely detailed article has provided me with a wealth of useful information. thank you for the post.

  • I liked 10 moving tips and tricks that you didn’t learn from your mother best of all!!! Genius moving tips! The process of moving house is a combination of a good number of particular tasks and the secret of having an ideally affordable move is to find a proper way to bring down the costs for each individual pre-move action that you are expected to take care of before your moving date. By managing to save money on each specific task, you will be able to save good money when the overall moving price is formed in the end.

  • We have moved many times and know all about these great tips. Some moves have been internstional with our own hired shipping container. At times, I had to store thigs for awhile. My additional tips are, 1) take time to inventory every box. Keep a tablet handy and literally write down everything thst goes into every box. 2) Number and label each box. That way, you’ll know where to retrieve something. 2) Use bright stickers to do this so they are easily seen. 4) Label every corner plus the rop so no matter which way it is turned, you can read it. 5) Get your goxes from the produce dept. and ask for banana, apple, oranges, etc. boxes where the box has a lid that slides over the bottom half and has cut-out HANDLES!!! No packing tape needed and you can get into the boxes easily! 6) Try to get boxes of same size so when stacking, they take less space. 7) Keep clothes in dresser drawes but place them in plastic bags so when loading and unloading and the drawers are removed, (to make the furniture lighter to handle), your stuff doesn’t get strewn and no one sees your personal items. When you feel overwhelmed, be glad you are not moving your household overseas! Not only did we have to inventory EVERY box, it had to be measured, weighed, estimation of face value plus insurance value, and load the container ourselves, knowing it would be crossing roads, oceans, and change hands many times!

  • I have moved many many times and have done some of these tips. I love your
    tip about clothes left on hangers and garbage bags and also clean as you go. You are right when
    you said you’re tired at the end of packing and the last thing you want to do is clean! Thanks for sharing these great tips.

  • Nice moving tips!! moving into new apartment is really a intimidating but with well planning, good packers and movers service and some help. it doesn’t have to be so overwhelming. So always try these tips for relocation. Thanks for tips.

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