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New York City Love: Events With Kellogg’s and Team USA!

There’s just something about New York that I absolutely love. While I don’t think I could ever live in the Big Apple, the city lights, shopping, cuisine, the seasons and the hustle and bustle will never get old.


Road to Sochi Olympic event in Times Square, New York City


Earlier this month, I took a trip to NYC with Kellogg’s and the whole Great Starts team. Kellogg’s is involved with the upcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia and is working with some of the athletes from Team USA to promote a healthy, balanced start to everyone’s day.

We learned so much about Kellogg’s upcoming initiatives and did so many different things with the olympic athletes and the Kellogg’s team. They really went above and beyond! Here’s a glimpse of what we did:


100 Days Out Breakfast with Team Kellogg’s athletes


Team USA Olympic athletes panel, Kellogg's 100 days out breakfast

The New Museum, a posh spot in the Lower East Side, hosted the Kellogg’s 100 Days Out breakfast and media event. After we enjoyed a quick breakfast, we learned about each of the great starts athletes on the Kellogg’s team, their life long journeys to taken to get to where they now stand, and got a chance to meet them all! After a brief presentation of each of the athletes “Great Starts stories”, we all got the chance to chat with each of them one on one. Most of them are hopefuls to compete for Team USA at the upcoming Olympics in Sochi, Russia.


I met famed figure skating champion  Kristi Yamaguchi… I remember watching her as a child!


Deanna Underwood and Kristi Yamaguchi, New York, 2013


This is me with Sarah Hendrickson and fellow Kchamps blogger, Crystal Reagan. Sarah is an American ski jumpier and is the 2013 world champ!


Crystal Reagan and Deanna Underwood with Sarah Hendrickson, Team USA Olympic ski jumper champion


Ice skating at Rockefeller Center ice rink with ice skating duo Charlie White and Meryl Davis


Charlie White, Deanna Underwood, Meryl Davis, Rockefeller Center Ice rink


I have always wanted to ice skate at the infamous Rockefeller Center ice rink, so being able to do it with Charlie and Meryl was the icing on the cake! We had a private session one afternoon with the two stars and a few local children who were invited. Charlie and Meryl filmed a piece for the Today Show with some of the kids, they make it look quite effortless to dance and prance around on the ice!


Ice skating rink, Rockefeller Center, New York


Kellogg's Kchamps bloggers, Rockefeller Center, New York



Cooking with Kellogg’s at the Culinary Loft, NYC


Caryn Bailey, Deanna Underwood, cooking with Kellogg's at Culinary Loft, New York


This was such a fun, hands on event! As we discussed a few of Kellogg’s awesome initiatives, we tied on our aprons and followed along with the Culinary Loft chefs to create a few different fun recipes for lunch. All of them utilized Kellogg’s cereals in the ingredient list, how cool! I loved the Pumpkin Spice Muffins recipe made with Kellogg’s Special K cereal! We also made chicken and waffles using Eggo minis, a spinach and feta bake using Corn Flakes, and some tasty fruit, yogurt and cereal parfaits.


Pumpkin Spice Streusel Topped Muffins Recipe



Road to Sochi Experience in Times Square


Times Square, New York


Picture the hustle, bustle and lights of Times Square, New York all decked out with Olympic flair… That’s exactly how it was! At the 100 day countdown to the winter Olympic games, Team USA athletes were on hand and plenty of fun demos, games, and other experiences were available for the public to test out. There was a ski jump, an ice skating rink and a luge demo all set up in the middle of the city. I loved watching Torin Yater-Wallace, American freestyle skier, glide down the ski jump with ease. There was even a performance by Gavin DeGraw! I event tried the luge event, check out my video here.


Stage at Road to Sochi Event, Times Square, New York



I had such an amazing time, a huge thanks goes out to the Kellogg’s team for making it all possible! I will be sharing more of their great initiatives in the coming months, so stay tuned!


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