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DIY Easy Thanksgiving Tablescapes: Decorating With A Floral Centerpiece

Our DIY easy Thanksgiving tablescapes are such wonderful ideas for decorating your dinner table this year. Take a look at some of these pictures for your Thanksgiving table settings.

DIY Easy Thanksgiving Tablescapes - Decorating With A Floral Centerpiece

Thanksgiving floral centerpiece ideas

Thanksgiving will be here before we know it, so it was about time that we get started on decorations for our Thanksgiving table! We normally host Thanksgiving dinner at our house, so we’ve got to be sure that the tablescape is gorgeously set to wow our guests.

DIY easy Thanksgiving Tablescapes – Decorations and Ideas

I absolutely love getting into the spirit of the season, we made our own Thanksgiving table setting this year to reflect that. Learn how easy it is to make your own festive display at home, without breaking the bank!

Thanksgiving Tablescape Decorations and Ideas

Start with choosing the perfect Thanksgiving centerpiece

Have you ever wondered how the professionals style their tables in magazines to look so magnificent? It’s actually really easy to put together, starting with a great centerpiece. I believe that the size, colors, textures, and style all set the stage for the whole design. Some people use candles, others set up a basket with acorns or pinecones. I prefer fresh flowers with vibrant colors. Remember that a larger centerpiece will need fewer decorations surrounding it, but can limit the amount of table space you have.

Fall Flower Bouquet Centerpiece for the Thanksgiving Table

Flower arrangements for Thanksgiving table

This year, we decided to put together a table setting that is an expression of the Fall season using fresh flowers and pumpkins. We picked a gorgeous Thanksgiving floral centerpiece to set the stage, there’s just something about the red, green, and brown colors in this seasonal flower bouquet that gives off an Autumn warmth!

ProFlowers has plenty of Thanksgiving flowers, centerpieces, treats, and decorating ideas, I had to order the Seasonal Splendor bouquet because it has beautiful bronze cremons and orange tulips.

Choose the base color of the table decor

From there, we decided to use a neutral table runner due to the many colors in the bouquet. This table runner is actually an affordable paper table cloth that I folded to fit how I liked it. You can decide to cover the whole table with a cloth or use placemats. Lie down the base you chose and set the centerpiece right in the middle.

Thanksgiving table setting with flowers and pumpkins

Finally, decorate your tablescape!

Our floral centerpiece was on the smaller end, which was perfect to be able to add many more accents surrounding it. We also ordered a Fall Cornucopia, which came packed with fresh fruits, nuts, and candies in a beautiful keepsake basket, it matched perfectly!

This was a great addition to the decor, we put it right in the center next to the flower centerpiece. We still have some pumpkins left from Halloween, so we threw those in along with a few natural twigs and fall leaves. Add colorful plates to match, and maybe some napkins and silverware and you’re all set!

Thanksgiving cornucopia table centerpiece with real fruit

What do you think about our simple Thanksgiving table setting?

I think it came out beautiful! I believe that if you base your design around your centerpiece, it will turn out great! Use the colors and the style of it and go from there. If you’re in doubt, you can always draw your ideas out on paper beforehand.

You can easily put together a gorgeous tablescape with one of their vibrant Thanksgiving centerpieces, bouquets, and baskets to help with your holiday planning and decorating with ease. Watch our Thanksgiving table setting ideas web story for more!

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